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Get your irons on target. Hit the right club.

Increase your putting percentage by 10% .... watch your scores fall.

Breaking Putts Will Be Easier .... if you .... understand the science

Which is your Driver Trajectory?

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Expertly Shaping Swings & Trajectories; Solving Errant Golf Problems

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Golf Newsletter Archives


Below are past newsletters topics. You'll find a vast array of great golf tips to help improve your game. Just click on a title for access.  Enjoy!

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Current Newsletter -- Hole-in-one Odds PGA Tour vs Yardage

Hole-in-one Odds PGA Tour vs Yardage

Hole-in-One Odds PGA Tour

Natural Putting Tempo Rory & Tiger

Natural Putting Tempo Resonance

Natural Putting Tempo 2 for 1

Distance Control on Long Putts = Fewer 3-putts

More Distance with Bounce & Roll

Conditions for Golfer's Longest Drive

Clubs that use the Trampoline Effect

High and Low Trajectory Difference

Trajectory Height Same for All Clubs

Wind Increases Club Range Variance

Twelve Golfers Golfing -- Optimal Pairings

Social Golfer Group Optimized Pairings

Science of Best Golf Ball

Science of Trampoline Effect & Distance

Science of Long Distance Putt Control

Science of Putting -- Skill or Luck?

Science of Golf Ball Trajectories -- All Clubs Same Height

Science of Ordered Golf Group Pairings - Social Golfer Problem

Science of Social Golfer Optimization Problem

Comparison Expert & Novice Putters, Shaft Flex and Distance

Putting Imagery

Shot by Shot Reduction & Wedge Spin/Launch

8 Weeks to Golf Fitness & Putting On and Off the Course

Alignment Hitting Enough Club & Golf Improvement Survey Results Part 2

Handicap Advantage: Low or High? & Golf Improvement Survey Results Part 1

Oh So Close Golf Swing & Putter Alignment

Winter Practice & Impact Labels


Confident Club Selection & Premium Balls

Open Winds & Plumbing Putts

Watson -- Yardage on Downhill/Uphill Shots

High Spin Balls = Lower Scores

What to Practice for Lasting Improvement

Golf Ball Backspin & Alignment

Compare Your Handicap Statistics to the PGA Tour

Less Length + More Loft = More Distance & Accuracy

Lofts for Wedges -- Gap Distance

Swing Inside-to-Outside for More Distance

Mid-Season Mental Game & Shorter on Doglegs

Optimize Distance with the Right Angle of Attack

Hitting Downwind & Tiger's Mental Edge

One Plane vs Two Plane Golf Swing & The UV Index -- when is it high?

The Year of Accuracy, Not Distance & 1-Iron Woods -- Same Length = More Consistency

Golf Driver Optimum Launch Distance Calculator

Tiger's Quest for the Holy Grail -- Nicklaus' Major Record of 18

2007 Golf Balls -- The Best for Your Game - Accusport Launch Monitor

Driver Mass - Optimize Distance - Altitude/Distance Calculator

New Driver Technology: Optimize Ball Flight

Misalignment Myth Causes Major Misses -- Use Railway Tracks

Pitch Your Way to Lowers Scores: Use the slope

Measuring Club & Ball Speed: Tiger's Virtues

Golf Physics & Technology Myths & Facts

1 Iron Golf -- It's all you need for consistent improvement.

Improving Your Golf Game --Know Your Weaknesses

The 2007 Titleist Pro V1 and V1x Golf Balls & Principles of Breaking Putts

Revolutionary Golf Clubs -- Single Length Golf Shafts

Improve Your Golf Game -- Short Game & Mental Game


Golf Alignment -- Part 4: Judging the Correct Distance

Golf Alignment -- Part 3: Swing Path & Solid Contact

Golf Alignment -- Part 2: Improved Putting

Golf Alignment -- Part 1: Small Errors Magnified


Lower Scores Using the Rules of Golf -- Part 4: More Equipment Suggestions

Lower Scores Using the Rules of Golf -- Part 3: Know Your Equipment

Lower Scores Using the Rules of Golf -- Part 2: Practice on the Course

Lower Scores Using the Rules of Golf -- Part 1:The Provisional Ball


9 Holes with a Golf Expert -- Part 1: Pre-Round & Opening Hole

9 Holes with a Golf Expert -- Part 2: First 3 Holes

9 Holes with a Golf Expert -- Part 3: Statistical Significance of First 3 Holes

9 Holes with a Golf Expert -- Part 4:The Next 4 Holes

9 Holes with a Golf Expert -- Part 5:The 17th at the PLAYER'S Championship -- Shot Patterns

9 Holes with a Golf Expert -- Part 6: Last Three Holes

9 Holes with a Golf Expert -- Part 7: Wrap up the NINE

Can a player make it shooting Par on Tour?

Unrealistic Expectations -- How much spin will the golf ball have & how this affects your shots?

Fulfill Your Need for Speed -- Speed + Spin + Launch Angle = Distance

Golf Game Management Part 1: Lower Scores

Golf Game Management Part 2: Your Shot Pattern

Golf Game Management Part 3: Shot Pattern Dispersion

Golf Game Management Part 4: Elevation Changes & Club Selection

Golf Game Management Part 5: Altitude & Club Selection

Golf Game Management Part 6: Wind & Club Selection

Golf Game Management Part 7: Temperature & Humidity

Golf Game Management Part 8: Used & Abused Golf Balls

Golf Game Management Part 9: Pitch Shots, Up, Down & All Around

Golf Game Management Part 10: Misalignment & It's Pitfalls

Golf Game Management Part 11: Fix Your Game in a Weekend?

New Handicap Calculator

Off Season Golf Part 1: Improve your golf game without new equipment

Off Season Golf Part 2: Distance = Strength & Flexibility?

Off Season Golf Part 3: What are YOUR Golf Goals?

Off Season Golf Part 4: New Golf Equipment

Off Season Golf Part 5: Do Dimples Make a Difference?


Golf Statistics Part 1: Pelz Discovered the short game was important

Golf Statistics Part 2: Average Golfer Statistics

Golf Statistics Part 3: Compare Average Golfer to Pros

Golf Statistics Part 4: Birdie Frequencies & Fair Games


Short Game Part 1: Statistical Significance of the Short Game

Short Game Part 2: How to Track Putting Statistics

Short Game Part 3: Putting Alignment & Reading Greens

Short Game Part 4: Putting Contours

Short Game Part 5: Partial Wedge Shots, All Feel?

Short Game Part 6: How to hit a high, lob shot


Distance & Technology: Part 1 -- Clubhead Weight

Distance & Technology: Part 2 -- Clubhead Loft

Distance & Technology: Part 3 -- Club Shaft

Distance & Technology: Part 4 -- Clubhead Area

Distance & Technology: Part 5 -- Weather & Its Effect on Distance

Distance & Technology: Part 6 -- The Golf Ball

Distance & Technology: Part 7 -- Golf Ball Backspin


Is the Handicap System Fair?

Reading Putts using "The Matrix"

Alignment Key to Putts

How Big are Your Dimples?

Improve Your Game Without New Equipment

Visualization Lowers Your Score

Master of Your Own Game


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