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There's much more to learning this game than hitting it long and straight.

Tour quality putting will teach you how to read greens, read speed, develop and simple, consistent stroke, a sink more putts.

Tour Quality Golf

Tour quality putting will teach you how to read greens, read speed, develop a simple, consistent stroke, and sink more putts.



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November 2 /08

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Lofts for Wedges -- Gap Distance
Shot-by-Shot Game Analysis Software -- Free Trial
Wedge System for 100 yards and In
Peak Performance on U-tube -- How to go Low!
Swing Inside-to-Outside for 20% More Distance


Lofts for Wedges

How many wedges are in your bag? Most players have at least two, with some having three or four. I had a request a few weeks ago about my opinion on what the lofts of wedges should be to give good gap distances between them. So, I powered up the golf projectile model I use in my expert consulting business to come up with some numbers.

My projectile model factors in everything that's required including club speed, resulting ball speed, launch angle (related to but not equal to club loft), backspin and environmental factors such as temperature and air pressure.

Below is a table of results for different loft wedges. For each wedge, I assumed the club head speed to be the same. Even though some wedges might be a little longer in length than others, the increased length does not produce significantly more club head speed, thus the concept of equal length irons that I promote. Learn more about these revolutionary clubs HERE.

Wedge Loft
98 mph
88 mph
68 mph

The columns with speeds (mph) are carry distances in yards at three different swing speeds. The speed of 98 mph corresponds to the wedge club head speed. A golfer that swings a wedge at that speed would swing a Driver at approximately 116 mph, thus a long hitter. The slower swing speeds could correspond to shorter hitters or a long hitter swinging a wedge with less than a full swing.

A long hitter that wants a gap distance of about 10 yards between wedges would choose lofts of 48, 51, 54 and 60 corresponding to yardages of 120, 111, 101 and 90 yards respectively. A shorter hitter would choose lofts of 48, 52, 56 and 60 corresponding to yardages of 79, 69, 60 and 51 yards respectively.


Shot by Shot -- A Complete Game Analysis

Peter Sanders of Golf Research Associates has upgraded the great game analysis software with a new feature that tracks quality of fairway misses. The software identifies the part(s) of your game that are weakest and costing the most strokes and then directs you to work on these parts of the game. The new feature will identify your tee shot success. It looks like this:

I've arranged a free trial of the software for my members. Plus, Probable Golf Members receive over 40% off the regular subscription price.

Free Trial for Probable Golf Members


Wedge System for 100 yards and In

Above, I outlined the lofts of wedges and their corresponding distances. If you're thinking of buying new wedges, hopefully the numbers will direct you to buy the wedge loft to give you the needed gap distances.

For shots within 100 yards, most golfers need to make partial swings. I've come up with a fairly simple system that will help you with your distance control. Have a shot of 60 yards? Do you need a 1/3 swing or a 1/2 swing? How much should you choke down on the club?

My system outlines exactly what you need to do? Find out more here.

Peak Performance -- How to Go Low

I subscribe to Dr. Cohn's free Sports Psychology newsletter, Sports Insights. He has a lot of great tips on golf's mental game. He talks a lot about the pre-shot routine and remaining focused. In his latest, he described how many golfers will have a great, if not career, front name, only to falter on the back nine. The reason? They're out of their comfort zone.

I suggest you go to his site and sign up for his free newsletter.

Here's the link: Peak Performance Newsletter Look at the top of the right hand menu.

Once you sign up, come back here and view his latest video.

Click here to order Dave's Pelz's Short Game Bible, OR get it at your local bookstore. BUT, whatever you do, GET IT !! Your game will love you for it.

Trying to find answers on my website? Here's how.

1. Go to my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. There's a link to it on my pages from the left hand menu near the top of the page, just below the Search icon. It's called "FAQs." You then click on the graphic icon and you'll be taken to my database page. For your convenience, here it is:

I've answered hundreds of questions over the past 6 years and have created a fairly large database. You can search it out. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, submit a question and I'll answer it.

2. On all of my web pages, there is a search feature in the top left section, right underneath my LOGO. Just place your search keywords in the search box, select "This Site" below it, and then press "Search." What will come up is a Google search of the pages on my site with relevance. You can also search the entire internet by selecting "Web" instead.
Go to my main page now: Home or just check the top left menu of this page.

3. Also, directly under the Google Search area, you'll find a pop down menu called "Your Topic." Select the topic of interest and press "Go."

I would suggest you bookmark my main page and/or your specific areas of interest so that you can find them easily in the future. On each page at the very top, there is a link you can click on:
"Click here to add this page to your favourites"

Hope you find all you're looking for.

You can learn more from NEW Titleist Pro-V1 by clicking HERE.



A list of resources that have been used to produce this newsletter can be found on my web site here.

Hope I provided some useful ways for you to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar

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