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Hit The Caesar Dimple-less Golf Ball


A golf ball without dimples? Aren't the dimples responsible for greater distance? Why would you want to remove them?. The Caesar Golf Company has managed to remove the dimples and offer a completely smooth, billiard ball like apparatus for golfer to hit.

If you are a serious, low handicap, golfer, distance is all important. Now, for the rest of us, Caesar Golf Company has introduced a revolutionary new ball that helps golfers consistently hit straight shots. It has no dimples. The smooth surface on the Featherie eliminates hooks and slices.

“Dimples create lift at high velocities, increasing distance the ball will fly, but they are also responsible for side spin, a major cause of hooks and slices,” explains Vin Lee, founder, Caesar Golf Company. “This ball flies straight. It lets the golfer do strategic shot placement.”

Designed for Par 3 or 4 courses, private resort and executive courses, Caesar Golf’s new smooth surface ball gives golfers more control. It hits well off the tee with a high lofting wood or hybrid. It’s great for golfers with a slower swing. On a dog leg, it will keep the golfer out of the rough.

The premise is simple…makes sense…but how does it perform on the course?

$22.95 for 1 sleeve (3 balls)

No longer available

$88.95 for 1 dozen

No longer available

The Caesar Golf Ball



Imagine a golf ball sized cue ball. Stamp a roman style logo on the side, and there you have it, the Caesar Golf ball. The ball is definitely interesting looking. Play with it, and I guarantee people will ask questions about it almost immediately. If you are looking to make a statement with your golf ball…well you have limited choices. The Caesar Golf Ball will make a real statement.


The Caesar has a feel similar to the Top-Flite golf balls. They feel harder than the softer balls, like the Titleist Pro V1.


This ball is remarkably durable. After numerous rounds of golf…countless lob wedge shots…even a few cart paths…this ball looks like new. Not sure how that works out, but definitely a positive feature of this ball.


Caesar Golf Ball on the Course

So, typically, people look at three major components of the game of golf: Full Swing, Short Game and Putting. They’re all different, and demand certain attributes from a golf ball. So let’s look at these components individually.

Full Swing

No dimples. On a full swing, you’re going to gain something and lose something with the Caesar ball. As they make abundantly clear in their literature, you will lose distance with the Caesar ball. I found I lost at least 2 club lengths with my irons. I never tried it with a driver, as I was concerned I would damage the driver head (see feel). So yeah I am sure some people can live with the loss of distance, if there is a dramatic improvement in accuracy.

So what do we gain? A little bit in the control department. No question, it is difficult to hook or slice this golf ball. You can still do it, but certainly not with ease. If you have a 50 yard banana slice now, perhaps you can do it…but it will slice a lot less . However, what it will not fix is a push or a pull. If you start the ball left or right…they will still go that way…they just won’t slice or hook further off line as much!

Now, you will also be losing at least two clubs of length. So, instead of a high handicapper hitting a 7 iron into a green from 150 yards…they’re hitting a 5 iron.

One last thing I’ll mention on full swing shots. The ball will take off on a much lower trajectory and, since there are no dimples, you will not have a ‘climbing’ effect of a traditional golf ball trajectory. So the ball comes in a lot flatter, and will roll out a lot further. This helps some with the lost distance, but does not help you if you need to get over something (trap/water/etc). Besides, if water is involved, you probably want to put your $10 ball in the bag, and hit something else!

Short Game

I had mixed results with this in the short game. One great thing about this ball (which I’ll mention more of in Putting) is that the ball rolls very true. So, bump and run shots, or little chips up onto the green, roll out very smooth on the green. Pitches, flew a little lower, but again, roll out nice on the green. If one put a lot of time into practicing with this ball, I am sure it would be fine around the greens. However, you can throw out any type of shot that involves spin…side..back…or otherwise. You always need to play for the roll out.

Going back to feel again, which is a huge component of the short game….it just isn’t there with this ball. It feels like a rock even when you are chipping.


If this ball shines in one area, it is putting. This thing does indeed roll like a billiard ball on a pool table. If you play on grainy or longer grass greens, you often notice that as the ball slows it is easily influenced by the grass, and will start to veer left or right. With this ball….even as it slows down it continues to roll true. I wish I could just replace my ball with this one whenever I got to the green, unfortunately that’s against the rules of golf.

One problem, again, with this is the feel. Putting with this ball feels very different than any other golf ball you may have used. It feels a lot harder. You will also need to adjust to the speed. Due to less resistance (I assume) the ball rolls much quicker than a dimple golf ball. A couple sessions on the practice green may help you here, but it is definitely a time investment.


For $30 a sleeve ($10 a ball), the Caesar Golf ball is no bargain. Though, given how durable they are, unless you try hitting them over water, I cannot imagine you would have to buy any more than 3 of them. Is it worth $30? If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, and want to mess around with an interesting concept, be my guest. If you are a retiree that plays a banana slice, is living off social security and expect this ball to make you into Tiger Woods…forget about it. Who knows, you may be able to make up for the loss of distance with more roll out. Perhaps the harsh feeling of the ball may not bother you. I do not know.

$22.95 for 1 sleeve (3 balls)

$88.95 for 1 dozen

One Club Length, Different Lofts
One length club, one swing, more consistency.

One length club, one set up, one swing, more consistency. Let the club do the work. Enter the code 10504 and receive a complimentary set of club covers.

Learn more about these revolutionary clubs HERE.

A 3-iron is only 2 inches longer than a 7-iron. For a typical golfer, the extra 2 inches in length results in an increase of only 3% in total length and thus only a 3% increase in club speed. But, a golfer that hits a 7-iron 150 yards will hit a 3-iron 190 yards, a 27% increase. What gives?

The major determiner of distance next to club speed is club loft. Golfers hit their irons different distances because of their different lofts, not their different lengths.

So, why are clubs different lengths? Mainly because of a misconception.

Revolutionize your long game! 


An error in alignment of FIVE degrees results in an error of 17 yards (that's the width of some greens). That's a huge error!! Misalign by 5 degrees on a 20 foot putt creates an error of 21 inches at the hole. If you can't align properly, how can you ever hit your target??

    The vast majority of right handed swingers align too far to the right. Likewise the vast majority of left handed swingers align too far to the left.

Every shot starts with alignment!

Do you want to improve yours? Play the video to the left and/or visit this page that describes how to perfect your alignment.


Take a look at the Golf Product Order page HERE.

One reason is that most golfers try to rely too much on technology for improvement. They ignore the 3 essential basics of the game, which are:

1. physical skill – hitting the ball long and accurate, having great touch around and on the greens (what’s required is hitting lots of balls and playing lots of golf)

2. mental game – managing your emotions, maintaining focus (easier said than done)

3. reading the elements – being able to select the correct club for the situation, selecting the best target line, reading the break on the greens (we’re all capable of becoming highly proficient with these)

Please complete this Golf Handicap Improvement Survey Golf Handicap Improvement Survey -- Please participate in this world wide study.

Hitting the Ball Longer Off the Tee

You can hit the ball farther by:

1. Increasing your club head speed.
2. Upgrading to new Driver Technology (if you haven't in the past 4 years).
3. Optimize your launch angle by getting tested on a launch monitor.
4. Play a ball that gives you the most distance.

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The Swing Speed Radar® with Tempo Timer is used at ALL Top-Rated Jim McLean Golf Schools and is enthusiastically endorsed by Jim McLean.  Look for our TV ads on The Golf Channel.
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Measure your swing speed with affordable Doppler radar!!
Increase your swing speed to increase your distance.
Monitor your swing consistency.
Include velocity feedback when trouble-shooting your swing.
Measure your swing speed improvement as you optimize your swing mechanics.

Receive a free copy of "How to hit the Longest Golf Ball Using New Golf Club Technology"

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My entire golf online site is clearly focused on the third component. I would argue that it is that aspect of your game that you have the best chance at improving the most, and thus lowering your score, unless you have loads of time for physical practice. Learning the basics of reading the elements can be done anytime, anywhere, without a club in your hand.

Scroll through the menu at the left of this page to explore the various golf tips offered.

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The cost of purchasing my golf tips, is less than the cost of:

a sleeve of golf balls, a golf hat, 5% of a new driver golf club, a golf lesson.

You can purchase and download the tips immediately! They'll add to your existing equipment used for golf. You can send them as a golf gift to a friend or loved one to help them to improve their golf game.

It's the best golf instruction you can get for your money. What you can learn about your golf game here is not available at any of the top golf schools, not even the golf channel. You'll be able to apply the principles learned to any golf course.

This site provides free golf tips and instruction that beats buying a new golf ball, club, or swing. You will lower your score with statistics that golf schools don't teach, yet pga golf players practice. Many of the mental lessons provided here are based on the latest golf science, using the principles of physics and math to lower a golfer's score. You can even get a copy of my golf ball review that analyzes the longest balls.

      Throughout this site, you will find information about the Physics of Golf, the Mathematics of Golf, the Aerodynamics of a Golf Ball, and the Science of Sport with references and links. You can take advantage of some of the free golf lessons / free golf tips to lower your score or purchase additional golf tips to improve your game. Get advice for the putting green (reading putts using the plumb bob), the golf swing, the driver, the irons; almost every facet of the game.

To find your more about the concept of Probable Golf, click here.




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