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The products offered on this site are not quick cures for your golfing woes. They are products that will assist you in sincerely improving your game by improving yourself, for the long term.  Download tips immediately!  Go to current Golf Newsletter.

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Combine any of the following items and pay only ONE shipping fee of $11.95 (Swing Speed Radar, BreakMaster, Golf Ball Finder Glasses, Laser Putter).

One Club Length, Different Lofts
One length club, one swing, more consistency.

One length club, one set up, one swing, more consistency. Let the club do the work. Enter the code 10504 and receive a complimentary set of club covers.

Learn more about these revolutionary clubs HERE.



Only $119.95 + $14.50 shipping

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Use this excellent, inexpensive radar device to see what changes to your swing result in greater club head speed.

Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer

Only $149.95 + $14.50 shipping  

After only a few days of practicing my alignment with the laser device attached, I am now squaring the putter face to my target consistently. I can now practice making a proper stroke confident that I am aimed at my target. I am missing my putts a little right now, but am confident that I will "cure" my cut stroke.

Take a look at the Laser Putting Device that I use and consider getting one for yourself

Order yours TODAY! Only $49.95


Shipping: International 15.95 US/Canada 11.95
Price Includes Shipping
ONLY $85.95

BreakMaster Green Reader

Get yours today for only $85.95
Are you making every breaking putt? Of course not. Not even Tour Pros get it right every time. But the more important question is: Are you reading the break correctly?

Now, BreakMaster comes with a DVD that clearly explains how to use it and how to accurately read greens.

There's much more to learning this game than hitting it long and straight.

Visiball Golf Ball Finders
(as seen on the Golf Channel)

Golf Ball Finders -- Glasses so you can find your golf balls Model V-500.

View Demo of how they help you find your lost golf balls.



Wind Caddy App

Wind Caddy will advise you on aim, distance and club so that you can play the wind successfully. It takes the guess work out of club selection.

Click Here to Learn More ..



The golf ball leaves a definitive impression on the impact label.

Example Used Label

Impact Golf Club Labels

Order Yours Today

Get a clear image of your misses so you can make the appropriate corrections to your swing.




Optimize your distance off the by using a launch monitor
Golf Driver Optimum Launch Angle


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Learn More Now Dr. Robert Winters' Putting Genius
Personally Engraved Ball Markers!

golf swing tempo trainer for more distance and better ball striking

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Golf Club Distances vs Altitude
Golf Club Distances vs Temperature Altitude

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