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Hole Difficulty Ranking Calculator

free golf tips, lessons, instruction, lower score

Do you find that you're giving away too many shots early or late in the round? Do you think the hole handicap difficulty rankings of the holes on your course are unfair?

I've developed a calculator that will determine the actual difficulty rankings for a course. The calculator is a Micro. Excel Worksheet. It will calculate the rankings, 1 thru 18, for different handicap groups
(0-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25+)

Once known, you'll be able to have much fairer matches. For example, it has been statistically verified that a low handicapper will win more matches than a high handicapper, partly due to the "official" hole rankings. Such a match, therefore, should be played using the real hole rankings for the high handicapper. This ranking identifies which holes are truly more difficult for that player.

To find out more information about the statistics of hole rankings,
click here.

All you need is some actual scores for your course. Input the hole scores for the last tournament, men's or ladies night at your course. The more scores, the better.

Download a sample worksheet HERE. You won't be able to input any values, but you'll see the layout of the worksheet and an explanation on how to complete it. If you have any questions, just email me.

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Hole Difficulty Ranking Calculator: download it now!

OR get the calculator for free by ordering the complete report of the study of amateur scores for only $19.99

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Calculator only:

Handicap Statistics

Report of Study of Amateur Scoring + FREE Calculator:

Handicap Statistics


See more details of the reports below.

Report #1: Team Events

What handicap pairs make the best 2 Man Best Ball team?
The benefits of having a high handicap on a team.
What teams & individuals are the BEST bet?

See some of the details of the report HERE

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Handicap Statistics


Report #2: Match Play & Stroke Allocation

Does any one handicap group have the advantage?
In a team competition, who should be paired with whom?
Are the hole stroke allocations fair to all?
Where should you receive your strokes?

See some of the details of the report HERE.

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Handicap Statistics


Report #3: Birdie Ratio & Other Scores

Play a fair birdie game whether for 25 cents or $1 a birdie.
Find out how many birdies a low cap makes compared to a high cap so that a fair game can be played.
Find out eagle, birdie, par, etc, frequencies for all handicaps groups.

See some of the details of the report HERE.

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Handicap Statistics

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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean


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Planning a golf trip with some friends/family? Trying to sort out the foursomes so people don't play too often with others?

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