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A Brief Message      Jan 3/05

  • Happy New Year to all of my readers. I hope that 2005 brings you the best of happiness in life, especially your golf game.
  • My last newsletter focused on the link between strength, flexibility and distance. If you're wanting to hit it farther this year, give it another read. Click here.
  • This edition of the newsletter will continue with another Off Season Golf Topic: setting achievable goals. As an educator, my work often centers around various goals. I'll present to you a process you can go through to set your golf goals for the season.


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Off Season Golf Part 3: Setting Your Golf Goals

Read other Parts from the Technology & Distance series and Short Game series here, Archives.

Email me if you'd if there's anything you'd like to see discussed or analyzed in the next or future newsletters. Now on to this week's topic.

III. Keep your goals realistic, achievable and sensible!

    Firstly, I don't advocate setting goals of any type only once per year. Goals should be set when one is trying to achieve change, at any time. Unfortunately, some people often only consider setting goals at the beginning of a year; a feeling of a fresh start is in the air.

I will focus on setting your golf goals. One must differentiate between a goal and an objective. A goal is some end result you're trying to achieve. An objective is something that you will do to help you achieve the goal.

Ensure that any goals you set are realistic, achievable and sensible. For instance, if you're currently a 22 handicap, setting a goal of becoming a 5 handicap by the end of the season may not be realistic. If you achieve a goal part way through the season, you can always reset a new one at that point.

For example, let's say you are a 19 handicap and you set a goal of becoming a
9 handicap by the end of the season (a very lofty goal, but possible). Recall from earlier newsletters my Statistical Analysis of an Average Golfer. For all levels of players, the most signficant way to lower scores is by improving the short game. Recall that:

Compared to overall average golfer statistics, you need to improve by:

increasing GIR from 3 to 8 (267% increase)
increasing Iron Accuracy from 20 to 53% (265% increase)
reducing Putts per Round from 35.0 to 31.7 (9.5% decrease)
reducing Pitch/Chip/Sand from 15.6 to 9.8 (37% decrease)

Your ball striking and thus swing would need to improve immensely to reach your goal. Imagine how much less improvement is necessary with the short game to realize lower scores. I recommend you buying Dave Pelz's book to help out.

As some objectives to achieve this goal, I would highly recommend the 19 handicap putting some things in place to improve the short game such as:

arranging some lessons from a local professional
setting aside an hour each second day to work on the short game
purchasing some books on the short game to help out with practice
utilizing more of my golf site and tips to improve
it might be that the short game is the only focus of improvement

For improvement to take place, of course, one needs to set aside ample time to practice and play. The 19 handicap won't improve much if all he/she does is play a round of golf 3 times each week. When top professionals make significant changes to their games, they often play less and practice more. It's difficult to work on improvement of various aspects of the game on the course because the sole goal there is score.

I'd highly recommend you invest some money this golf season to improving your game without buying new equipment. Focus on improving yourself, the golfer. Such improvement will make the biggest difference to your game. Instead of investing $400 on a new driver to hit it farther (won't make a huge difference unless your current driver is over 10 years old), invest the money in some lessons, improving your strength & fitness level, buying some great golf books, etc.

If you'd like some advice on setting your goals and objectives for the golfing season, drop me an email describing your current level of play and what you propose. I'd be happy to off some advice.

Physical fitness is an important aspect to one playing golf well.

If you are looking to improve your game and feel you need to improve your flexibility and strength specific to golf, I strongly recommend Mike Pedersen's Golf Trainer 'Power Performance Progam'. Mike has helped thousands of golfers all over the world improve their games with his online golf fitness program. It is like having your own Golf Fitness Trainer, but at a fraction of the price. Click here to go there now. I highly recommend it.

Mike has also just recently made available an e-book, called Ultimate Golf Fitness Ebook, dedicated to guiding you on your own golf fitness program. So, if you are more of a do-it-your-selfer, take a look at his book. It explains what to work on and how to monitor your progress.


A list of resources that have been used to produce this newsletter can be found on my website here.

The focus of my site is to utilize science and math to lower your score. New technology is one way to achieve this, but to be honest, the technology is one small piece of the puzzle.

To actually improve significantly, we all need to:

1. Improve our swings using CD Interactive, Hit Down Dammit!

2. Learn how to swing simpler like the Iron Byron with the great coffee table book, Swing Machine Golf!

3. Improve our physical fitness and strength.
The Golf Trainer Power Performance Programô
and Ultimate Golf Fitness Ebook

4. Improve our mental games. Golf Mind Software

5. Improve our Probable Golf games. Learn how to make better choices on the course through knowing how shot patterns and reading the elements and course better.

Click on the links above to take a look at ways that I personally use myself and recommend you try as well.

Hope I provided some useful ways for to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar


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