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A Brief Message      Mar 23 /06

  • Congratulations to Rod Pampling for his win at the Bay Hill Classic.
  • My last newsletter was the fourth in a new series called "9 Holes with a Golf Expert." My continued playing recommendations for low scores, on average.. View the previous newsletter here.
  • In this newsletter, a little break from my playing lessons and a focus on the famous hole, The 17th Hole, at the PLAYER's Championship.
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The 17th at the PLAYER'S Championship -- Shot Patterns

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Last Year's Stats
     I'm a subscriber to TOURCast, powered by shotlink. I'm, of course, always interested in average golf statistics. If you recall last year's PLAYER'S Championship was plagued with weather delays. And, there were some fairly high winds in the last round. Take a look at some of the overall statistics at the 17th Hole, where club selection is crucial.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Stroke Average
Pin Position
Back Middle
Back Right
Left Front
Right Front

   Note how worse the statistics are for the 3rd and 4th rounds. A number of factors could be responsible for this. I would argue that the most important contributing factors are the pin position and the wind. If you the play at the 17th, you'll notice that more players hit into the water in the afternoon than the morning; this is due to the higher winds.

     I'd love to get information from each of the players as to their intended targets. How many actually shoot for the flag, or close to the flag, when the pin is tucked left or right, as it is in Rounds 3 & 4. I can't show you the scatter diagram of where all the shots ended up (you'll need to subscribe to TOURCast for that), but one thing I noticed is that for the 3rd and 4th rounds, the spread of the scatter diagram is wider; the shots from the players cover a greater area. Partially, this would be due to players not judging and compensating for the wind, and also increased tension due to being later in the round and the tournament. Players prbably also feel more tension if they are aiming close to the tucked pins because the consequences for error are greater (a big splash).

    If I were to give any advice to these players, it would be to aim for the middle of the green when the pin is cut left or right, especially when the wind is blowing. This allows for a much greater margin of error. I'd also recommend that each player keep accurate shot statistics to determine his unique shot pattern .

   Now, think of your own game. Playing a hole where there are major hazards like water, bunkers, OB or thick forest, it's important to have a clear idea of your own unique shot pattern , so that you don't take uneccessary risks in shooting at the flag when it's tucked. With well guarded greens, it's almost always best to just play for the center of the green, no matter where the flag is placed. Your shot pattern would reveal a larger scatter area than the pros. Just imagine what the stats for amateurs would be at the 17 th Hole at the PLAYER'S.

    So, what do you think. Answer my POLL question below and view the statistics.


    In my next newsletter, we'll finish the nine holes and talk more about playing in the wind.

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