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There's much more to learning this game than hitting it long and straight.

Tour quality putting will teach you how to read greens, read speed, develop and simple, consistent stroke, a sink more putts.

Tour Quality Golf

Tour quality putting will teach you how to read greens, read speed, develop a simple, consistent stroke, and sink more putts.



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Sept 20 /09

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In this mid-summer Newsletter, I've highlighted some of my website poll results. Take a read below of how you and my other visitors have answered some golf's most important questions of how to score low. Click on any of the following Newsletter topics or just scroll down the page:

Poll Result -- Club Confidence
Poll Result -- Premium Golf Balls
Poll Result -- Coming up short
Driver Distance Calculator = Hit it Longer!


How confident is your club selection?

In my 35 years of playing this wonderful game, I've discovered that one of the most important requirements to hit a good golf shot is confidence in selecting the right club for the shot.

Unsure of whether you should hit an 8-iron or a 7-iron? Better make up your mind and commit 100% to that club. Not sure whether you should chip with a 7-iron or lob with a sandwedge? This kind of uncertainty will sabotage a successful outcome.

It all comes down to being able to focus 100% on the execution. If you haven't convinced yourself that the club you're using is "definitely" the correct one, you'll carry with you uncertainty and a "scrambled" image what you're trying to do.

What of Tiger Woods' valuable attributes which makes him the best is his ability to commit to the shot. Even if he is first uncertain (usually because of external factors such as the wind), once selected, he commits to the shot with 100% confidence it is the right one. He is then able to focus positively on what he's trying to do.

I conduct golf polls on my website, . Here are the results to my poll question on club selection confience. Just click on View Stats and a popup window will appear with the stats. Please complete the poll if you haven't done so already.


Note from the stats that about half of those polled have confidence in less than 70% or their full swing shots. That means they are uncertain for about 30%. A 10 handicapper will have about 40 full swings ina round of golf. On 12 of those full swings, there is a level of uncertainty, and thus lack of focus on executing the shot.

Thus, once again, the importance of the mental game in scoring low.

Take a look at some of my suggestions at improving your mental game. CLICK HERE.

I have used my computer golf ball projectile model to predict the effect of many variables on golf shots. The purpose has been to provide golfers with the tools to make better club selection choices on the golf course. More confidence in club choice equates to improved commitment, improved confidence and better golf shots; all resulting in lower scores.

Go ahead, choose your weapon against uncertainty and poor golf shots. All golfers can benefit from these golf tips, regardless of handicap.

You can look at all of my products here: Order Golf Tips & Accessories


Would you pay more for premium golf balls?

Do you play premium golf balls? I've always advocated that all golfers do, as long as the pocket book can afford it.

Just click on View Stats below and a popup window will appear with the stats. Please complete the poll if you haven't done so already.


The poll results indicate that almost slightly over half of those polled are willing to pay the extra price. Why?

Unlike over 10 years ago, premium golf balls will fly about he same distance as the cheaper, hard, distance balls. Do you remember the Titleist Balata's? They flew 10-20 yards shorter than those harder Top-Flites. But, the pros used them because of their consistency and high amount of backspin (the key to scoring low).

So, over half of you are willing to pay the extra price for more backspin. This enables you to stop the ball faster on full swing shots as well as pitch shots, and even some of those short chip shots around the green. Over half your shots take place within 100 yards of the green (the short game). And, the premium balls have a softer feel off the club, so, you feel more connected with the ball at impact.

Learn more about the importance of the short game. CLICK HERE.


Short Again? Hit one more club?

How often does your ball fall short of the hole? I'm not just talking when you're putting, but on all shots.

Just click on View Stats below and a popup window will appear with the stats. Please complete the poll if you haven't done so already.


Almost half of those polled come up short 50% of the time or more. So, if you're one of those golfers, you should be hitting more club to ensure you get to the hole. If you were to always hit 1 more club, would that then mean you would be long on the other half of your shots that you currently hit the right distance? Perhaps.

A "hit one more club rule" in all instances might fix the one problem but then create another. One needs to analyze why you're coming up short. Here are some possible reasons and suggestions for improvement:

1. As discussed earlier in this newsletter, it could be that you're not confident in your club selection on many shots, thus you can't execute well. Take a look at some of my suggestions at improving your mental game. CLICK HERE. In particular, explore this tool that can increase your focus, confidence and execution:

Learn More Now 

2. You are not taking into account the environmental effects correctly. Temperature, wind, elevation, and hitting uphill shots can all have a significant effect on distance.

Learn to read and play the wind effectively. You can hit the right club for the shot.. Headwind, Tailwind, Crosswinds, Partial Cross. Learn to select the correct club for uphill/downhill shots. You'll improve your club selection and hit better shots. Learn how different weather conditions affect your golf ball. Maximize your distance off the tee.

Driver Distance Calculator = Hit it Longer

One of the services I provide on my website is a Driver Distance Calculator. This calculator has been updated to include carry distances and total distances for Drivers of different lofts and different club speeds. If you know your club speed, you can determine what loft Driver optimizes distance for your swing.

Check out the optimum loft for your Driver based on you club speed. You can even download a version of the spreadsheet I use for my research. CLICK HERE.

Trying to find answers on my website? Here's how.

1. Go to my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. There's a link to it on my pages from the left hand menu near the top of the page, just below the Search icon. It's called "FAQs." You then click on the graphic icon and you'll be taken to my database page. For your convenience, here it is:

I've answered hundreds of questions over the past 6 years and have created a fairly large database. You can search it out. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, submit a question and I'll answer it.

2. On all of my web pages, there is a search feature in the top left section, right underneath my LOGO. Just place your search keywords in the search box, select "This Site" below it, and then press "Search." What will come up is a Google search of the pages on my site with relevance. You can also search the entire internet by selecting "Web" instead.
Go to my main page now: Home or just check the top left menu of this page.

3. Also, directly under the Google Search area, you'll find a pop down menu called "Your Topic." Select the topic of interest and press "Go."

I would suggest you bookmark my main page and/or your specific areas of interest so that you can find them easily in the future. On each page at the very top, there is a link you can click on:
"Click here to add this page to your favourites"

Hope you find all you're looking for.

You can learn more from NEW Titleist Pro-V1 by clicking HERE.



A list of resources that have been used to produce this newsletter can be found on my web site here.

Hope I provided some useful ways for you to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar

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