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Ken Tannar, PGI Creator

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Probable Golf Instruction

Thanks for supporting Probable Golf Instruction. Golf is over for most of us north of the 49th as winter sets in. Feel free to give me feedback about my newsletter at probablegolf@yahoo.ca.

Oct/Nov PGI Contest

September's contest Mental Toughness, a CD Rom by Dr. Fran Pirozzolo and endorsed by Justin Leonard, 1997 British Open Champion, was not claimed by a newsletter subscriber. As we are well into fall, interest in golf has taken a downturn. For this reason, I'm offering a bimonthly contest.

For Oct/Nov, the winner will receive a $50 credit towards anything sold from my site. Download any of my PGI Golf Tips or Reports. Buy a copy of the CD, Hit Down Dammit!, a supply of CaddyPatch Impressions, Swing Machine Golf, or Swing Speed Detector.

After you make a purchase, just email me a message at probablegolf@yahoo.ca with the subject heading, "PGI Member." You need to be a newsletter subscriber to qualify.

I've had some great success with the Tour Tempo CD sound tracks. I've hit balls listening to the tempos and even played on the course. I'm impressed how good my timing and ball striking are; the problem is transferring it to the course without using the CD aid. It concludes that all good pros have a 3 to 1 swing tempo (backswing to forward swing). Total swings times vary (slow and fast). Most amateurs' backswings are too slow. I suggest to read it. It comes with a CD of audios that can train the proper tempo for you. Get it here.

You owe it to your game to make the best of your abilities; become " Master of Your Own Game". Stand out and improve, even without hitting any balls!!

Here's to a long lasting life of great golf!

Order yours here
Receive a free copy of "How to hit the Longest Golf Ball Using New Golf Club Technology"

A Brief Message      Nov 16/04

  • Ken here from Probable Golf Instruction. For those of us still playing, we're not hitting the ball as far because of colder temperatures. Have you noticed coming up short more often? Find out how much shorter you hit it given the temperature here. I can send you a matrix of your club distances over a range of temperatures.
  • In my last newsletter, I revealed some of the results from my own studies of amateur golfer statistics. Previous to that, I presented other stats that emphasized the importance of a strong short game aka Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible.
    View the newsletter here.
  • In this issue, I'll review with you the importance of exercise and stretching for golf improvement. There is lots one can do over the winter months to maintain and improve those golfing muscles.
  • To compensate for lost distance due to cooler temperatures, try keeping your golf balls warm. You'll realize some extra distance. Begin with 3 warms balls (that have been inside your house prior to play). Place one under your armpit (against the skin) for about 10 minutes or more to warm it up. Keep the other two in your front pocket. Rotate through the balls as you play (one per hole, of course). Keep the one you're going to play on the next hole under your arm for as long as possible.

  • CaddyPatch Impressions just received "approval" by the PGA Tour Parteners Club members after
    their test of 1,000 oversized CaddyPatches by 1,000 different members. Approval will be announced in the Sept/Oct issue of the PGA Tour Partners
    Club magazine. Take a look at them here. They are a leather patch that fits on the face of the club. You can determine how you are mishitting the ball.

    Until Jan 1, 2005, with every purchase you'll receive free shipping and a bonus patch.
Off Season Golf Part 1: Work on Your Golf Muscles

Read other Parts from the Technology & Distance series and Short Game series here, Archives.

Email me if you'd if there's anything you'd like to see discussed or analyzed in the next or future newsletters. Now on to this week's topic.

I. Improve Your Game without New Equipment -- How?

    There have been a number of studies over the past few years on the effects of aging on golf performance. Many of these studies have been published in the "Science and Golf" series by the World Scientific Congress of Golf. The results of these studies that focused on professionals and amateurs alike have some common themes. The "facts" of aging are:

1. strength and flexibility decrease with age

2. endurance and stamina decrease with age

3. score increases with age

4. distance decreases with age

5. golfers peak in their early 30s

In the last decade, golf technology has dramatically improved the golfer's ability to reverse the effects of aging. We are now starting to see we are reaching the limits of what technology can give to our games. Plus, the USGA is setting strict limitations. Now, spending $400 on a new driver will not improve our games as much. We need to refocus on improving ourselves to improve our games.

Imagine the analogy of maintaining your car. Over the course of 20 years, what if the only thing you did to maintain your car was to buy new tires, the part the connects the car to the road. No lube and oil changes. No filter changes. No tune ups. How well would your car be running after 20 years? Your golf club is what connects you to the ball. There is only so much the club can do. You need to focus on improving yourself, the engine and transmission.

How can you improve your game without buying new technology? How can you reverse are slow the effects of aging, less strength and flexibility. I believe we can all make improvements in the area of our physical fitness and our mental outlooks. Physical fitness for golf is much different than other sports. Getting a program that works is not readily available until now. Improve your length off the tee, your endurance and your well being by getting on a program. How? Check out Mike Pedersen's Golf Trainer program.

If you are looking to improve your game and feel you need to improve your flexibility and strength specific to golf, I strongly recommend Mike Pedersen's Golf Trainer 'Power Performance Progam'. Mike has helped thousands of golfers all over the world improve their games with his online golf fitness program. It is like having your own Golf Fitness Trainer, but at a fraction of the price. Click here to go there now. I highly recommend it.

Mike has also just recently made available an e-book, called Ultimate Golf Fitness Ebook, dedicated to guiding you on your own golf fitness program. So, if you are more of a do-it-your-selfer, take a look at his book. It explains what to work on and how to monitor your progress.


A list of resources that have been used to produce this newsletter can be found on my website here.

The focus of my site is to utilize science and math to lower your score. New technology is one way to achieve this, but to be honest, the technology is one small piece of the puzzle.

To actually improve significantly, we all need to:

1. Improve our swings using CD Interactive, Hit Down Dammit!

2. Learn how to swing simpler like the Iron Byron with the great coffee table book, Swing Machine Golf!

3. Improve our physical fitness and strength.
The Golf Trainer Power Performance Programô
and Ultimate Golf Fitness Ebook

4. Improve our mental games. Golf Mind Software

5. Improve our Probable Golf games. Learn how to make better choices on the course through knowing how shot patterns and reading the elements and course better.

Click on the links above to take a look at ways that I personally use myself and recommend you try as well.

Hope I provided some useful ways for to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar


If you'd like to opt out of this newsletter, send me an email with the subject "opt out, please"

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