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There's much more to learning this game than hitting it long and straight.

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June 13 /10

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Wedge and Spin Launch -- Premium Golf Balls
Golf Equipment Advertising
8-Weeks to Golf Fitness & Putting Tips

Going away on a golf holiday this winter with a group? Need a golf draw that pairs each player with each other player exactly once? or twice? or not at all? I have developed draws that meet those requirements. Take a look at them by CLICKING HERE, Golf Draws.

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Shot-by-Shot Reduce Errors

Peter Sanders of Shot-by-Shot Compelte Game Analysis published research results in the latest issue of Golf Digest.

With over 100 000 rounds posted on his website, he found that four specific errors do more to identify a golfer's performance level than any others. There is a very high correlation between handicap and the number of times the golf repeats these errors.

There four errors are:

1. Penalty Drive -- The result of your tee shot is either a penalty or you cannot hit your normal second shot and must paly an advancement shot.

2. Pitching Gaffe -- Any chip or pitch shot from within 50 yards of the green on which you fail to reach the putting surface.

3. Bunker Gaffe -- Any sand shot from within 50 yards of the green on which you fail to reach the putting surface.

4. THREE-PUTT -- Taking three putts from less than 30 feet.

As an example, a 5 handicap makes a total 2.5 such errors each round while a 25 handicap makes 8.3 errors.

In the next few rounds that you play, keep track of how many times you commit the above 4 errors and see if it matches your handicap prediction.

Get more details by getting your copy of Golf Digest, July 2010, or reading the article online at this link, CLICK HERE.

Get your own FREE one-round analysis using Shot-by-Shot, and determine your real strengths and weaknesses.

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Wedge Spin and Launch


As you probably recall, I'm an advocate of ALL golfers using premium golf balls if affordable. Why? Because premium golf balls enable to the golfer, no matter what handicap, to get maximum backspin on the ball. Backspin is so important in the short game, 100 yards and in. And, their relative softness improve feel with the putter. Thus, well over half the shots that a golf takes can benefit.

Golf Digest published some great results last month from robot testing with a wedge. The results summarize the launch angle and backspin rate of 30 of the game's most popular balls, ranging in price from under$20 to over $35.

I encourage you to take a look at what ball you're playing and ask yourself, "Could I afford playing a better ball for improved backspin and feel?"

Take a look here for the online version, CLICK HERE.

Model V-500.
V700 model
Introducing the revolutionary new V700 Golf Vision System. Featuring an ingenious quick change mechanism the V700 is actually fours pairs of performance eyewear in one. The V700 includes four different sets of lenses designed to improve performance and protect the golfer's eyes. The gray lenses are designed to protect the golfer's eyes from the sun during bright light conditions. The yellow lenses are designed to enhance the golfer's vision in low light conditions. The green lenses are designed to remove contrasts and shadows allowing golfers to improve their read on the greens. Finally, the patented blue Golf Ball Finding lenses help golfers find their lost golf balls. See some demo images HERE.
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I can send you a laser putting device that attaches to your putter so you can practice you aim, and, you can even putt with it attached. Take a look HERE .

 Laser Putting Trainer


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Golf Equipment Advertising

Golf equipment manufacturers want you to buy their products. They often make claims that cannot be substantiated and feed on the ignorance of the customer.

Here's a short list of some of the types of advertising out there.

1. Swing it Faster, Hit it Longer

Cleveland Golf advertising the new Launcher DST Driver, claiming the lightest driver on the PGA Tour. They claim because it is lighter, you'll swing it faster and hit it longer.

You might be able to swing it faster, but, because it is lighter, it won't transfer as much energy to the ball, and thus you might hit it shorter. We discovered a long time ago through trial and error that humans hit it farther when the club's mass is about 300 grams.

Depending on your swing, you may benefit from a lighter or heavier club than the norm (in terms of maximize distance). You'll gain much more distance, however, by increasing your loft and hitting the ball on the upswing.

2. Hit your irons longer.

Many manufacturers claim you'll hit their irons farther. Many simply manufacture their's with stronger lofts (1 or 2 degrees lower loft) to achieve this. Remember, how far you hit your irons is not really relevant. It's consistency and distance control you want. Many of the newer irons have more perimeter weighting and thus a higher MOI (moment of inertia), which means you won't lose as much distance on those off center hits.

3. Faster. Farthest.

"Taylor 2010 Burner Superfast driver increases clubhead speed and delivers massive distance. A radical change in the head shape reduces drag and lower the center of gravity."

Having a lower center of gravity will give you a higher launch angle, although it won't be significantly higher. A higher launch means more carry and distance. You'll realize more distance by teeing the ball 1 inch more forward in your stance so that you can swing more upwards on the ball.

And ..... there won't be any significant reduction in drag. The drag force on the club is very low as it is.


I'll provide you with some more "critiques" about golf advertising in my next newsletter.


Check out the optimum loft for your Driver based on you club speed. You can even download a version of the spreadsheet I use for my research. CLICK HERE.

Trying to find answers on my website? Here's how.

1. Go to my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. There's a link to it on my pages from the left hand menu near the top of the page, just below the Search icon. It's called "FAQs." You then click on the graphic icon and you'll be taken to my database page. For your convenience, here it is:

I've answered hundreds of questions over the past 6 years and have created a fairly large database. You can search it out. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, submit a question and I'll answer it.

2. On all of my web pages, there is a search feature in the top left section, right underneath my LOGO. Just place your search keywords in the search box, select "This Site" below it, and then press "Search." What will come up is a Google search of the pages on my site with relevance. You can also search the entire internet by selecting "Web" instead.
Go to my main page now: Home or just check the top left menu of this page.

3. Also, directly under the Google Search area, you'll find a pop down menu called "Your Topic." Select the topic of interest and press "Go."

I would suggest you bookmark my main page and/or your specific areas of interest so that you can find them easily in the future. On each page at the very top, there is a link you can click on:
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Hope you find all you're looking for.

You can learn more from NEW Titleist Pro-V1 by clicking HERE.



A list of resources that have been used to produce this newsletter can be found on my web site here.

Hope I provided some useful ways for you to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar

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