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There's much more to learning this game than hitting it long and straight.

Tour quality putting will teach you how to read greens, read speed, develop and simple, consistent stroke, a sink more putts.

Tour Quality Golf

Tour quality putting will teach you how to read greens, read speed, develop a simple, consistent stroke, and sink more putts.



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March 19 /08

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Golf Driver Optimum Launch Distance Calculator
A Dimpleless Golf Ball?
A Fun Game to Play -- Eliminator
Ready, Set, Go!! -- A Big Part of Set is Alignment -- Start Your Season Off Right
Is Tiger on Track to breaking Nicklaus' Records? -- Feb Newsletter


Golf Driver Optimum Launch Distance Calculator

  I recently revised my Golf Driver Distance Calculator. If you input your club head speed, it will calculate the distance you would carry and roll a standard 10 degree Driver. It will also calculate what loft Driver will give you maximum carry and total distance.

There are many websites out there that give you stats on optimum trajectory angles for Drives at different club head speeds. Unfortunately, optimum trajectory angles do not correspond directly to optimum loft angles.

Increasing launch angle to optimize carry distance can primarily be accomplished in two ways — through an increase in the clubhead’s loft or from hitting the ball on the upswing. Hitting the ball on the upswing is also known as generating a positive angle of attack with the swing, and golfers that strike the ball on the upswing know firsthand how a positive angle of attack maximizes the already tremendous energy generated from extreme swing speeds.

Take a Drive with my calculator by clicking here. You'll also have the opportunity of getting a copy of the spreadsheet used to do all the calculations. It's part of the same spreadsheet I use to do all of my research and consulting.

The spreadsheet will provide you with these additional features:

Discover backspin rates resulting from different lofts and club speed.
Explore optimum distances on soft fairways and firm fairways. Would you use different loft Drivers?
Determine launch angles resulting from different lofts and club speeds.
How does air temperature affect carry and total distance with different lofts?
Coefficients of Restitution, COR, for all club speeds.
Time of flight for all trajectories.
Impact angles the the resulting roll along the fairway.
Many of the measured values are plotted against one another on graphs.


Dimpleless Golf Balls Have Advantages

  We discovered through trial and error that a golf ball's whose surface is marked up flies farther than one who's surface is smooth. Luckily, our golfing ancestors mishit balls just like we do. Since that time, golf courses have been getting longer and longer because we keep hitting it farther and farther.

  Without getting too much into the physics of golf ball flight, the dimples of the golf ball reduce the frictional resistance on the golf ball. So, the ball is able to fly higher and longer. A player that hits a Drive about 250 yards with a dimpled golf ball would only hit a dimpled one about 150 yards. With the irons, you might loose 2 or 3 clubs in distance.

  So,what are the advantages of dimpleless golf balls? Well, just as the dimples increase the lift force on the ball (when the ball has backspin), the dimples also increase the sideways force on the ball (when the ball has sidespin). So, a dimpleless will not go as far, but it will not curve as much, so you'll be able to hit it straighter

  Now, imagine playing a ball that goes significantly shorter than the ball you're currently playing. You wouldn't touch it, right. But, a dimpleless ball goes much straighter as well. You'll hit significantly more fairways and short grass.

  I've found a company that makes a dimpleless ball. I'm currently awaiting some samples to test. I'm very excited about the prospect. If I find that ball does as claimed, I'll promote it from my site and be able to provide you with some really neat (yet old) technology.


Great Game for a Tournament-- Eliminator

Eliminator is a tournament format for 4-person teams, or a betting game for several groups of four. Eliminator, also known as In the Bucket, is a best-ball format with a twist: as a player's score is used for the team score, he is "eliminated" from counting as the team score on ensuing holes, until only one player is left whose score is eligible to be used (then the process starts over).

Here's an example: Players A, B, C and D tee off on Hole 1. Player A is the low-ball on the first hole. All players move on to Hole 2, but Player A's score can't be used; Players B, C and D are eligible. On the second hole, Player B is the low-ball. All players move on to Hole 3, but the scores of A and B are now ineligible; only C and D have a chance to provide the team score.

On No. 3, Player C is the low score. And that leaves Player D as the lone survivor - his or her score must be used on the fourth hole. On Hole 5, the rotation starts over, with all four team members eligible to have their score counted.


Trying to find answers on my website? Here's how.

1. Go to my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. There's a link to it on my pages from the left hand menu near the top of the page, just below the Search icon. It's called "FAQs." You then click on the graphic icon and you'll be taken to my database page. For your convenience, here it is:

I've answered hundreds of questions over the past 6 years and have created a fairly large database. You can search it out. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, submit a question and I'll answer it.

2. On all of my web pages, there is a search feature in the top left section, right underneath my LOGO. Just place your search keywords in the search box, select "This Site" below it, and then press "Search." What will come up is a Google search of the pages on my site with relevance. You can also search the entire internet by selecting "Web" instead.
Go to my main page now: Home or just check the top left menu of this page.

3. Also, directly under the Google Search area, you'll find a pop down menu called "Your Topic." Select the topic of interest and press "Go."

I would suggest you bookmark my main page and/or your specific areas of interest so that you can find them easily in the future. On each page at the very top, there is a link you can click on:
"Click here to add this page to your favourites"

Hope you find all you're looking for.

You can learn more from NEW Titleist Pro-V1 by clicking HERE.

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A list of resources that have been used to produce this newsletter can be found on my web site here.

Hope I provided some useful ways for you to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar

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