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In addition to my newsletter topic, I thought I'd give you some suggestions for Xmas gifts, either for yourself or golfing friends.

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You owe it to your game to make the best of your abilities; become " Master of Your Own Game". Stand out and improve, even without hitting any balls!!

Here's to a long lasting life of great golf!

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View the left hand side of this page for some other great golf gift ideas. Get some great golf books from amazon.com. View my recommended golf science books.

Some Gift Ideas     Nov 29/04

  • As we move into December and many of us are thinking about Xmas. Over the course of the year, I've been recommending certain golf
    products that I think are good values and can benefit you.

    Judging by the feedback I've gotten from you on these recommen- dations, here are the products YOU liked best. I think they'd all make great gifts for the Holiday. And once shipped, they usually take about 5 business days to arrive; time is ticking for Xmas.

  • Recommendation ONE:
    "Hit Down Dammit!" CD Rom, by Clive Scarff

    This has been the most popular product from my site. Clive explains very clearly what it means to "hit down on the ball," and then teaches you how to swing that way.

    The CD comes with everything you need; no special software needed, nothing needs to be downloaded onto your computer.                 ORDER NOW
  • Recommendation TWO:
    "Swing Machine Golf" Book,
    by Paul Wilson

    Pro Paul Wilson says, "Swing Machine
    Golf" reveals the 3 secrets to squaring
    your clubface with optimum swing speed
    to produce consistently straight and
    powerful shots, driver through wedge... "

    This book also "looks" gorgeous. I always leave it our on the coffee table. When friends come over, they always pick it up with great interest.
                                   ORDER NOW

  • Recommendation THREE
    "Swing Speed Radar" Device,
    by Sports Sensors

    Semifinalist for 2003 Sport Goods Product of the Year. This is the most inexpensive radar detector on the market. Measure your club head speed quickly, easily and accurately. See what specific changes in your swing mechanics and tempo will increase you club head speed.

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    Go to my site to view these and the other golf products I provide.

  • CaddyPatch Impressions just received "approval" by the PGA Tour Parteners Club members after
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    Until Jan 1, 2005, with every purchase you'll receive free shipping and a bonus patch .
Off Season Golf Part 2: Distance = Strength & Flex

Read other Parts from the Technology & Distance series and Short Game series here, Archives.

Email me if you'd if there's anything you'd like to see discussed or analyzed in the next or future newsletters. Now on to this week's topic.

I. Which determines how far you hit it: Strength, Flexibility or Both?

    As outlined in my last newsletter, the "facts" of aging are:

1. strength and flexibility decrease with age

2. endurance and stamina decrease with age

3. score increases with age

4. distance decreases with age

5. golfers peak in their early 30s

So in a fitness program, what is the most important: Strength or Flexibility?

C.J. Thompson of the University of Kansas conducted a study in 2001 entitled, "Effect of Muscle Strength and Flexibility on Club-Head Speed in Older Golfer." Almost half of North America's golfers are over 50. Thompson's study focused on this group with an average age of 65 years. All the subjects of the study were given performance measures of muscle strength, range of motion and club head speed testing.

From his study, Thompson concluded the following:

1. 46% of the variance in club head speed can be explained by fitness thus older golfers cannot expect fitness improvement alone to hit it farther.

2. Strength parameters such as chest press, leg press, lat pulldown, shoulder press, bicep curl & seated row all demonstrated a significant relationship with club head speed.

3. Trunk rotation was the only significantly related flexibility parameter to club head speed.

4. Muscle strength may be more important than flexibility to increase club head speed.

If you'd like some more details about this study, send me an email. The study was published in Science and Golf IV. View it here.

It is clear from this study and many others that physical fitness is an important aspect to one playing golf well.

If you are looking to improve your game and feel you need to improve your flexibility and strength specific to golf, I strongly recommend Mike Pedersen's Golf Trainer 'Power Performance Progam'. Mike has helped thousands of golfers all over the world improve their games with his online golf fitness program. It is like having your own Golf Fitness Trainer, but at a fraction of the price. Click here to go there now. I highly recommend it.

Mike has also just recently made available an e-book, called Ultimate Golf Fitness Ebook, dedicated to guiding you on your own golf fitness program. So, if you are more of a do-it-your-selfer, take a look at his book. It explains what to work on and how to monitor your progress.


A list of resources that have been used to produce this newsletter can be found on my website here.

The focus of my site is to utilize science and math to lower your score. New technology is one way to achieve this, but to be honest, the technology is one small piece of the puzzle.

To actually improve significantly, we all need to:

1. Improve our swings using CD Interactive, Hit Down Dammit!

2. Learn how to swing simpler like the Iron Byron with the great coffee table book, Swing Machine Golf!

3. Improve our physical fitness and strength.
The Golf Trainer Power Performance Programô
and Ultimate Golf Fitness Ebook

4. Improve our mental games. Golf Mind Software

5. Improve our Probable Golf games. Learn how to make better choices on the course through knowing how shot patterns and reading the elements and course better.

Click on the links above to take a look at ways that I personally use myself and recommend you try as well.

Hope I provided some useful ways for to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar


If you'd like to opt out of this newsletter, send me an email with the subject "opt out, please"

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