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Thanks for supporting Probable Golf Instruction. You'll find out more about what my site has to offer below. If you have any questions, please send an email to me. Have a great holiday!

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My latest study is almost finished. Look for it in the new year.

A Brief Message        Dec 21/03

  • Ken here from Probable Golf Instruction. In my last email to you, I told you a little about my latest research study. Review it here.
  • In this issue, I have some further news about the study I am doing analyzing tournament scores of amateur golfers.
  • There has been a lot of analysis of professional scores but not of amateur scores.
  • I have undergone an empirical study (analyzing actual scores) to determine some other fair ways of amateur golfers competing against one another.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about what results you'd like to see from my study, please send an email to me.
Is the Handicap system fair? {!firstname_fix}

In a preliminary analysis, I have analyzed over 1000 scores of golfers at my home club in tournament play.

Their handicaps range from +1 to 35.

I entered the scores into a spreadsheet and did a comparison of their scores in stroke play and match play.

Here's a little of what I have discovered so far.

Handicaps 5 to 9 make 3 times as many gross birdies as handicaps 15 to 19 while both groups make the same number of net birdies.

To play a game that rewards for birdies, net birdies is the fair way to play or the 15 to 19 could be rewarded 3 gross birdies for every one.

The highest average 2-man best net ball score comes from two players in the 0 - 4 group.

What handicap group pairing results in the lowest best ball score? Find out when my study is published.

I calculated the difficulty ranking for each hole and compared them to the holes' handicap number. Using the scorecard's difficulty ranking in a match between a 14 and a 5 handicap, the 14 would receive 4 strokes in the first 4 holes. Using the actual difficulty ranking for a 14, he would receive only 2 strokes. A big difference in starting a match!

Should a match be played using the player's full handicap or should it be played off the lower handicap?

In my final report, I'll provide the above statistics for all handicap groups in addition to a lot of other statisitics that will enable golfers to play against one another more fairly.

Which group of golfers does the current handicap system favour? That's what my study will reveal.

If you have any questions or suggestions about what results you'd like to see from my study, please send an email to me

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    Have a great holiday,

    Ken Tannar


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