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"Much to my surprise I found a personal note from you! You are the only online retailer that has ever bothered to put pen to paper and wish me success on a product purchase. That was really something – very appreciated."

Eric Fayeski
Calgary, Alberta

  I love the PGI website and I eagerly look forward to the monthly newsletter. The products I have bought including Swing Speed Radar have all been excellent. By far and away, the putting matrix has been the most significant development from PGI. It has given me confidence that every putt from any distance on the green is makeable. (I have recently been called the best putter in my Club but I don\'t want the pressure of carrying the burden of this title into the Club Championship!) I cannot understand why this technique has not surfaced on the PGA tour, because it is a most sensational addition to the committed golfer's armamentarium.

New South Wales

Hi again…I have written to you before applauding your method for measuring the wind effect …I have played recently and drove the other 3 players in my group absolutely crazy!!!! I was clubbing perfectly …some adjustments were in the 20 yard range…

Perry Volpone
Panama City Beach, Florida

A few weeks (or maybe months) ago I sent you an email asking about "Hit Down Dammit!". You were kind enough to respond and told me it sounded to you like I had a problem with my swing and to get a lesson or two. Thanks for producing such an informative website.

John Halliburton
Katy, Texas

Hi Ken- I enjoy your newsletter very much. You have an excellent insight into the needs of the average golfer who is trying to improve--a never ending process. Whether it's a new training aid, book or video, your recommendations are always right-on. Your tips and instructions hit the mark! Thanks for the newsletter subscription--and keep 'em coming! Al

Al Dilz
Cincinnati, Ohio

I used the tip on keeping up with my shots for different clubs and found my seven iron tends to go left and my six iron goes right. I'm a high handicapper, but for 150 yard shots I can use these to clubs and design shots that have cut strokes off my round. Thanks.

Jack Rutledge
May, Texas

The information in the longest golf ball report regarding the spin, small distance variations and flight patterns I found useful in selecting golf balls suitable for my game and the courses I mainly play on. The greens are hard and do not hold well (some are very new and perform as road like). I have tried the higher spin balls like titleist pro v1 and like the bite the balls are giving me. Can you recommend similar golf balls that are easy to access in Australia. Thanks!

Robert Furner
Doonan, Queensland

Your article about shot dispersion opened my eyes. I started to use one club extra than I did before and my GIR-stats became much better.

John Niemeijer
Den Bosch

I've been using your Newsletter for tips and have found them most useful in my game.

Jim End
Lady Lakes, Florida

I would like to say that I have found a number of your hints helpful, some more than others. While no one tip has been a "magic bullet" for my game, many have helped out in small ways here and there, I pay particular attention to any tips concerning set up and swing path as this has been the area of my game which has been the weakest. I have managed through a combination of tour tips and plenty of time at the range to drop my handicap from 12 to 10 so while I can't put a finger on a particular tip I would have to say that most of them have helped in some way or another. Many thanks and keep the good stuff coming.

Des Lucas
South Australia

I stumbled onto the website while looking for comparison information about various brands of golf balls. I was able to download the Longest Ball report which provided information that was both useful and interesting and have since been back on several occassions to look at tips or view other information that caught my eye. It is a unique website that I will visit again often, as at least for an avid golf like myself, it can be counted on to provide what can\'t be found elsewhere.

Kelly Hughes
Lenexa, Texas

Cause I`m very interest in the short game,especially the putting, it`s very useful for me this site.
Tip: Star drill. Now I´m better in the score of putt´s per round.

Luis Nunes

If Your golf game is broken.....This is the place to fix it--Period!

David Wall
Neenah, Wisconsin

I found your course and comments to be very handy. I have applied them and found them to be sound and effective.

Graham Manning
North Rockhampton, Queensland

I really do appreciate all the info in the newsletter, I think it would be good if the letters could cover tips together like, all tips on driving putting irons clothes mental approach etc. Sometimes having such a mixture can be very confusing but one major theme each issue would be better.

Garry Gordon
United Kingdom

Most of the information is helpful, some of it is pretty esorteric. I particlarly like the information regarding equipment design and how it can help a high-handicapper. Much of the stuff in golf magazines is really infomertials, not really reviews. I trust the information you provide.

Richard Davis
Sacramento, California

Just ordered a couple of your them a couple of times and played yesterday.... well the windspeed +4 / -2 calculation came into play and boy did it work!!!! clubbed me exactly pin high all times..once it was a 3 club adjustment..i didnt belive it but did it was right on....thanks for taking the guess work out of that.. i am having some problems with the hit down technique..i understand the concept..not executing it ..i have since ordered the cd ..maybe seeing the full motion will be better than just reading it...
will keep you posted..
thanks again

Perry Volpone
Panama City Beach, Florida

Thank you for your most interesting and enlightening newsletter. I think the single best piece of advice I've ever received was from a Gary Player book - it was, "Decide which club you'll use for your approach and then play one club longer". It's been most helpful in halving my handicap over 2 years of regular golf after retiring in 2002. The second best tip is your "Hit Down Dammit!!" and for a beginner this could be the number 1 secret to playing consistant fairway shots. 
Thanks & regards

Ian Mountjoy
Gisborne Golf Club

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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean


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