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Golf Tournament Groupings


I've had numerous requests for information on how to arrange foursomes in small and large tournaments. In most cases, what has been requested is a structure that groups players in a social event that ensures no one player plays with the same people more than once.

Although this is not always possible (depends on the number of players and the number of rounds to be played), the number of same playing partners can be minimized.

Below are a few samples of such groupings. Feel free to use them. If you require a structure for a different number of players or a different number of rounds, I'd gladly do the mathematics and arrange the draw for you. The fee is only $9.99 .

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Sixteen Players

Let’s say you have a small tournament consisting of 16 players and you want to arrange
four rounds such that no one player plays with another player more than once.
Each column represents a round of golf. The number in the column represents the golfer’s
foursome. All golfers with the same number are in the same foursome.

Round    # 1 2 3 4

Golfer01    2 2 2 2
Golfer02    2 1 3 3
Golfer03    3 3 3 2
Golfer04    1 3 2 1
Golfer05    3 2 1 4
Golfer06    1 2 4 3
Golfer07    2 4 1 1
Golfer08    2 3 4 4
Golfer09    4 3 1 3
Golfer10    4 2 3 1
Golfer11    1 4 3 4
Golfer12    4 4 4 2
Golfer13    1 1 1 2
Golfer14    4 1 2 4
Golfer15    3 1 4 1
Golfer16    3 4 2 3

Twenty-four Players

Let’s say you have a small tournament consisting of 24 players and you want to arrange
three rounds such that no one player plays with another player more than once.

Round #      1 2 3
Golfer01      2 1 3
Golfer02      5 4 4
Golfer03      4 1 2
Golfer04      1 2 4
Golfer05      1 6 2
Golfer06      1 5 6
Golfer07      6 1 5
Golfer08      2 3 4
Golfer09      3 4 1
Golfer10      6 5 1
Golfer11      3 1 6
Golfer12      1 3 5
Golfer13      6 4 2
Golfer14      4 3 6
Golfer15      2 2 6
Golfer16      5 6 3
Golfer17      2 4 5
Golfer18      6 2 3
Golfer19      3 6 5
Golfer20      4 6 1
Golfer21      3 5 4
Golfer22      5 2 2
Golfer23      4 5 3
Golfer24      5 3 1

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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean


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