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Elevation Changes & Golf Club Selection

  It's obvious to all experienced golfers that when hitting uphill, you need to hit more club and when hitting downhill, you need to hit less club. The question is how much more or less. Of course, it depends on many conditions. This page will discuss and deal with the effect of elevation changes alone (without wind, rain, cold, etc) so that you can improve your club selection and lower your score.

Try out my Distance Calculator.  You can input different conditions to see how they affect your tee shots.

     The trajectory of a golf ball is now well understood. It depends on ball velocity, trajectory, and spin as well as on air temperature, humidity and density. Below is a graphic of the trajectory of a golf ball hit with a driver, 5-iron, and 9-iron.

golf club, golf ball, golf tips, free

Note that in the first part of each trajectory, the path of the ball steepens. This is due to the lift created by the spin of the ball. Note as well, that the trajectory of each is different at impact. The 9-iron's impact is the steepest and the Driver's impact is the least steep. Because of this, a Driver's range is more greatly affected by elevation changes than a 5-iron and the 5-iron's is more greatly affected than the 9-iron's. For every yard of fall, the Driver ball travels farther. If on a tee shot, for instance, the ball were to land 20 yards below the tee in elevation, it would travel horizontally 15 yards farther.

I've used my golf ball trajectory computer model to calculate the actual distances uphill and downhill shots play for all the various clubs. You can instantly download my report along with similar reports that explain how much wind affects your shots and how much slope affects your putts. Get them here.



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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese,korean

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