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Get your irons on target. Hit the right club.

Increase your putting percentage by 10% .... watch your scores fall.

Breaking Putts Will Be Easier .... if you .... understand the science

Which is your Driver Trajectory?

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Expertly Shaping Swings & Trajectories; Solving Errant Golf Problems

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Golf Driver Optimum Distance


Your input values were used to calculate the results below!

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Swing Speed Radar.
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Your Optimum Loft Driver Results

 Carry Distance for standard 10 degree Driver: -194 yards
Total Distance (carry + roll) for standard 10 degree Driver: -148 yards
Driver Loft that Yields Maximum Carry: 24.5 degree loft Yields Maximum Carry of: -93 yards
Driver Loft that Yields Maximum Total Distance (carry + roll): 20.7 degree loft Yields Maximum Total Distance of : -112 yards
The values calculated assume contact with the ball is made at the bottom of the swing. Distances are approximate +/- 1 yard because of limitations in the online equations. More accurate results are available when using the actual spreadsheet.
The total distance depends on the amount of roll. In this calculation, a typical dry fairway is used.

If you want more accurate and detailed calculations, you can purchase the spreadsheet that was used to produce the values. Along with many more measurements, you'll have access to graphs that describe the various relationships.

The spreadsheet will provide you with these additional features:

Discover backspin rates resulting from different lofts and club speed.
Explore optimum distances on soft fairways and firm fairways. Would you use different loft Drivers?
Determine launch angles resulting from different lofts and club speeds.
How does air temperature affect carry and total distance with different lofts?
Coefficients of Restitution, COR, for all club speeds.
Time of flight for all trajectories.
Impact angles the the resulting roll along the fairway.
Many of the measured values are plotted against one another on graphs.

Order a copy of your own spreadsheet, that does all explained here, by using the following secure link:



After only a few days of practicing my alignment with the laser device attached, I am now squaring the putter face to my target consistently. I can now practice making a proper stroke confident that I am aimed at my target. I am missing my putts a little right now, but am confident that I will "cure" my cut stroke.

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The initial backspin is dependent on the clubhead speed, loft and center of mass of the clubhead. One could obtain more distance with the same loft by changing the center of mass.

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