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Below is a sample of some of my golf tips. You can use them specifically on the course to lower your score. Once you do, however, I'm sure you'll want the "full meal deal."

Try out my Distance Calculator.  You can input different conditions to see how they affect your tee shots.

Tip #1: Reading Putts

If you plumb bob a 20 foot putt so that the bottom of the shaft covers the ball and the top of the shaft is aligned 1 inch to the right of the hole, how much break do you account for? On a medium paced green, you would aim inches right of the hole and on a fast paced green you would aim 16 inches right of the hole.

If you would like to know how to plumb and then interpret how much break there is, you can purchase my putting matrix which is used by "Feel Good Golf Learning Centers" in Florida to teach their students. The amount the putt breaks depends on the speed of the green, the slope and the distance of the putt. My matrix tells it all!

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Tip #2: Elevation Changes

For most golfers, elevation changes (uphill/downhill shots) are a guessing game. Doubt runs rampant!

A 166 yard shot that must climb to a green 10 yards above must be played as a 177 yard shot. In addition, when the ball lands, it won't stop as quickly because its impact angle is lower than normal.

I can teach you how to judge fairly accurately the amount of elevation change (no special equipment needed) and how much shorter or further the shot will play. I can even teach you how to take into account the wind.

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Tip #3: Playing the Wind

How can you measure the speed of the wind without a special device? How do you determine how the wind will affect your shot?

A 150 yard shot played into a 5 mph wind will play 159 yards.

A 150 yard shot played with a 5 mph wind will play 146 yards.

I can teach you how to measure the speed of the wind my just dropping grass. I can teach you how to determine, very simply, how far the shot will play.

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Not convinced? Try them on the course next time you play. You'll be amazed.


Longest Ball Study -- for the cost on one issue of a golf magazine, this study will inform you about the "longest ball."

Many manufacturers claim to have the longest ball. Some of the top names, however, remain stoney silent on the subject. For the first time, a detailed statistical analysis of some of the game's best balls is available to the public. Find out what type of ball is the longest. Discover how one truly represents test data of golf ball distances. Over 70 different balls are machine tested and compared. Learn how to select the best ball for your game.

You can purchases a copy of the report. Visit the Longest Ball Study page for detailed information.

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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean


Golf Trip Pairing Calculator

Planning a golf trip with some friends/family? Trying to sort out the foursomes so people don't play too often with others?

Order your ready made Spreadsheet. Type in the names, print out the groupings. Minimize repeat pairings.

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Wind Caddy App

Wind Caddy will advise you on aim, distance and club so that you can play the wind successfully. It takes the guess work out of club selection.

What's new in Version 1.2?

New option to enter custom distances for each club. The algorithm will make a club suggestion accordingly. Use the right club in every condition!

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