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High Speed Golf Video Like Swing Vision

A high-speed camera is a device used for recording fast moving objects as a photographic image(s) onto a storage medium. After recording, the images stored on the medium can be played back in slow-motion. Read more about them below the videos.

My interest, of course, is with golf applications. Below are just a few that I have collected.



Click here for slow motion shots hit with various clubs


Early high-speed cameras used film to record the high-speed events, but today high-speed cameras are entirely electronic recording typically over 1000 frames per second and playing images back slowly to study the motion for scientific study.

A normal motion picture is filmed and played back at 24 frames per second, while television uses 25 frames/s (PAL) or 29.97 frames/s (NTSC). High-speed cameras can film up to a quarter of a million frames per second by running the film over a rotating prism or mirror instead of using a shutter, thus reducing the need for stopping and starting the film behind a shutter which would tear the film stock at such speeds. Using this technique one can stretch one second to more than ten minutes of playback time (super slow motion).



The fastest cameras are generally in use in scientific research, military test and evaluation, and industry. Examples of industrial applications are filming a manufacturing line to better tune the machine, or in the car industry the crash testing to better document the crash and what happens to the automobile and passengers during a crash. Today, the digital high-speed camera has replaced the film camera used for Vehicle Impact Testing.Television series such as MythBusters and Time Warp often use high-speed cameras to show their tests in slow motion.

Saving the recorded high-speed images can be time consuming because the newest cameras today have resolutions up to four megapixels at record rates over 1000 frames per second, which means in one second you will have over 11 gigabytes of image data. Technologically these cameras are very advanced, yet saving images requires use of slower standard video-computer interfaces. While recording is very fast, saving images is considerably slower. The fastest high-speed camera has the ability to take pictures at a speed of 200 million frames per second.

Learn about how to gain club speed by using The Double Pendulum Golf Swing.

Golf Club Distance Temperature Calculator

The calculator will provide you with these features:



How does air temperature affect carry and total distance with different lofts? What about altitude changes?

Input your club ranges at 70 F and have the spreadsheet calculate your ranges at any temperature, hot or cold.
Compare your shot to the average PGA or LPGA player. See the difference in the trajectories for all clubs.
Explore optimum distances on soft fairways and firm fairways. Would you use different loft Drivers?
Determine launch angles resulting from different lofts and club speeds.
Discover backspin rates resulting from different lofts and club speed.
Maximum height of golf ball for all clubs.
Time of flight for all trajectories for all clubs.
Impact angles the the resulting roll along the fairway for all clubs.
Explore the effect of wind speed and direction on your shots for all clubs.
I will make minor modifications to the spreadsheet to suit your personal needs.



Great Gift Ideas for Your Golfer

Golf Like a Genius T-Shirt

Engraved Ball Marker, Divot Tool, Hat Clip


Engraved Ball Marker, Divot Repair Tool, Hat Clip
Ball Marker Engraved
Engraved Ball Marker, Divot Repair Tool, Hat Clip

Only $5.95

One Club Length, Different Lofts One length club, one swing, more consistency.One length club, one set up, one swing, more consistency. Let the club do the work. Enter the code 10504 and receive a Special Bonus from them and a complimentary Golf Genius T-shirt from me.

Learn more about these revolutionary clubs HERE.

For a short time, One Iron golf clubs will have free worldwide shipping. And, notify me of your purchase by email, and I'll send you a complimentary "Swing Like a Genius" T-shirt.


Putting Glasses help you read the green. $19.95
Golf Ball Putting Glasses with UV Protection

Learn More


There's much more to learning this game than hitting it long and straight.

Visiball Golf Ball Finders
(as seen on the Golf Channel)

Golf Ball Finders -- Glasses so you can find your golf balls Model V-500.

View Demo of how they help you find your lost golf balls.


Click HERE to order yours now.

Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer Measures Swing Speed and Tempo

Doppler Radar $149.95

Swing Speed Radar Measures Swing Speed

Doppler Radar $99.95


Read More


Lesson #1: Golf Grip -- The Connection

Lesson #2: Golf Stance & Set-up -- The Foundation

Lesson #3: Golf Swing Plane -- The Swing Slot

Lesson #4: Golf Swing Weight Transfer -- The Athletic Move

Lesson #5: Golf Swing BackSwing -- The Takeaway & Coil

Lesson #6: Golf Swing DownSwing -- Maintain Angles & Transition Period


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Golf Trip Pairing Calculator

Planning a golf trip with some friends/family? Trying to sort out the foursomes so people don't play too often with others?

Order your ready made Spreadsheet. Type in the names, print out the groupings. Minimize repeat pairings.

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Wind Caddy App

Wind Caddy will advise you on aim, distance and club so that you can play the wind successfully. It takes the guess work out of club selection.

What's new in Version 1.2?

New option to enter custom distances for each club. The algorithm will make a club suggestion accordingly. Use the right club in every condition!

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Engraved Ball Marker, Divot Repair Tool, Hat Clip
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Engraved Ball Marker, Divot Repair Tool, Hat Clip

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Swing Speed Radar -- Practice, Experiment, Improve


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Putting Glasses help you read the green. $39.95 $19.95

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Golf Ball Finder Glasses help you find your golf ball.

    Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Find all your errant golf balls and many more!



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