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Probable GOLF Instruction
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Advertising On Probable Golf Instruction

Probable Golf provides you with a quick and cost effective way to reach a dedicated golfing audience. Surveys carried out with golf website subscribers show that 66% do not buy golf magazines. Therefore we have an audience of active golfers that you are probably not reaching through traditional channels.

Probable Golf has a 15 000 Newsletter member database and 1200 unique visitors per day to it's website (both are growing).

Advertising Options & Rates

1. Email Marketing
Our biweekly newsletter is sent out to all registered Probable Golf Newsletter subscribers. It provides a major golf tip and allows sponsors the opportunity to promote themselves to a very focused (and willing to listen!) golfing audience. The newsletter is also placed on the site, linked to an archives page and is viewed by 1000s if visitors after the date of publication.

Every subscriber is a confirmed opt-in and our lists are cleaned every month so we know exactly how many emails are getting through.
The size and profile of our audience is currently 15 000. As well as general exposure, Probable Golf Newsletter provides an ideal means to promote special offers and deals to a captive golfing audience.

We can offer the following email marketing options:

1. Site Advert in Probable Golf Newsletter
Site Adverts appear in various sections of the newsletter. Each advert comprises a headline (45 characters including spaces), up to 150 words of text and 'call to action' site link below this (up to 45 characters including spaces). Click here to see an example. A banner can be substituted for the text.
Rate: $40, $50 and $70 per Newsletter

2. Text Link on Main Page
We can place a text link on our the main page or any other page you choose. There is a large number of possible placement positions. We do our best to satisfy your requests. The text links start at $40 per month for a 140 X 100 pixel size space.

2. Banners
We can serve your banner adverts throughout the Probable Golf site over any time period to suit your campaign. Banners are served on a 'Run of Site' basis across Probable Each banner is tracked and at the end of your campaign you will be informed of the number of banners shown and the click through rate. Any banners size (width X height) in .gif or .jpeg format with a maximum file size of 10K. Can be placed on any page except the home page.
Rate: $20 per week for 100 X 100 pixel, $40 per week for 150 X150, more for larger banners

3. Home Page Banner
Get a permanent advert for your site on the home page of Probable Golf. We can display a 150x90 pixel button in the 3rd column of the home page, with relevant URL linkage and link tracking. Maximum file size is 10K.
Rate: $250 per month

4. Skyscrapers
We can serve a skyscraper on the right-hand side of every page throughout the Probable Golf site over any time period to suit your campaign. Each skyscraper is tracked and at the end of your campaign you will be informed of the number of skyscrapers shown and the click through rate. Banners must be supplied as a 120x600 pixels in size in .gif .jpeg or flash format with a maximum file size of 30K.
Rate: $100 per week

Email us at, tell us what you'd like, and we'll make the arrangements.


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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean


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