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Learn how to build your own stimpmeter here. Scroll to the bottom of the page.     

Try out my Distance Calculator.  You can input different conditions to see how they affect your tee shots.

      A stimpmeter is a device that measures the speed of a green. The Stimpmeter is an extruded aluminum bar, 36 inches long, with a V-shaped groove extending along its entire length. It has a precisely milled ball-release notch 30" from the tapered end (the end that rests on the ground). The underside of the tapered end is milled away to reduce bounce as a rolling ball makes contact with the green. The V-shaped groove has an included angle of 145 degrees, thereby supporting a golf ball at two points ˝" apart. A ball rolling down the groove has a slight overspin, which is thoroughly consistent and has no deleterious effect on the ensuing measurments. The ball-release notch is designed so that a ball will always be released and start to roll when the Stimpmeter is raised to an angle of approximately 20 degrees. This feature ensures that the velocity of the ball will always be the same when it reaches the tapered end.


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The end result from the ball accelerating down the stimpmeter ramp is a speed of 6.00 ft/s. The distance that the ball travels is the stimp speed (i.e. 10.5 ft roll means a stimp speed of 10.5)

Find out more at the USGA by following this link.

To build your own stimpmeter

Go to your home center and get a 4 foot section of moulding called "cove moulding" ( $4.00). This moulding is flat on the back with a perfect golfball size groove in the center. Cut a length to 36". The groove for the ball should be 6" from the top. With a coping saw, carefully notch a 1/8" wide groove into the wood at 6". Place a ball in this groove and test to see if it releases when you raise the top side. The correct release point is 20 degrees. You will have to experiment with the notch until you feel you are getting it to release at this angle.

Try out my new Driver Distance Calculator. Change temperature, clubhead speed, loft, energy and see how far the ball goes.

Wind Caddy App

From the team that brought you the top selling app Wind Meter, GoingApps is happy to introduce Wind Caddy. Wind Caddy helps the golfer always select the right club for the conditions. Wind Caddy works by collecting 4 inputs and recommending a club and correct Aim for the hole based on a proprietary algorithm developed by professional Golf Caddy and avid golfer Ken Tannar of

Wind Caddy will advise you on aim, distance and club so that you can play the wind successfully. It takes the guess work out of club selection.

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Visiball Golf Ball Finders
(as seen on the Golf Channel)

Golf Ball Finders -- Glasses so you can find your golf balls Model V-500.

4 Different Lenses for:

1. Bright Light
2. Dim Light
3. Contrast Light to Read Greens
4. Patented Golf Ball Finder Lens

View Demo of how they help you find your lost golf balls.



Of course, every measuring device is prone to error in measurement. With a stimpmeter, there is error when measuring the speed on sloped greens. There is a method used to reduce this error. Find out how by clicking here.

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Golf Trip Pairing Calculator

Planning a golf trip with some friends/family? Trying to sort out the foursomes so people don't play too often with others?

Order your ready made Spreadsheet. Type in the names, print out the groupings. Minimize repeat pairings.

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Wind Caddy App

Wind Caddy will advise you on aim, distance and club so that you can play the wind successfully. It takes the guess work out of club selection.

What's new in Version 1.2?

New option to enter custom distances for each club. The algorithm will make a club suggestion accordingly. Use the right club in every condition!

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