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Tiger's Closing Strategy

Tiger’s strategy for closing out golf games

What should you do when you’re 2 shots
ahead with only 3 shots left to play?

Do you:

  1. Preserve your lead,
  2. Get aggressive and try to win by 4, or
  3. Forget about the score and play the course

to the best of your ability.

The answer is: none of the above.

Your best bet is actually a combination of 2 and 3.

In other words: stay aggressive and you’ll
soon forget the score and be playing your best golf.

Tiger Woods, when leading a tournament, tells
himself that if he is winning by 2 shots
with 3 to play, he wants to win by 4 shots.

This helps him push himself to success
instead of holding on to the lead.1

Staying aggressive at crunch time
is easier if you COMMIT to it before the game.

Pro Steve Lowery knows this well. He says,

“You have a choice in every tee box. You are
either going to guide it out there or you are going
to stand up there and tee it up and rip it.”

Another note:

Most golfers don’t prepare for even five minutes
before they play.

And, if they do, they only focus on technical things
such as how to adjust their swing.

They don’t realize that all the swing adjustments
in the world won’t help them if they aren’t relaxed
and confident on the course.

(Remember, the #1 cause of error in every sport,
including golf, is overtightness).

That’s where by ebook “Breathrough Golf! Lower
Your Score Now Using the Mental Toughness Secrets
of Professional Athletes” comes in.
It’s filled with dozens and dozens of techniques
for instantly lowering your score without making
any technical changes in your game at all.

And it comes with TWO great bonus books
that aren’t available anywhere else.

Check it out here:


I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,
Lisa Brown


1The Sign of a Champion & Making the right choices.
Dr. Patrick Cohn, 2004.

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