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    From this page, you can access playing lessons for various parts of the game. Click on the topics below and you'll be taken to the appropriate place in the website. Look below the navigation menu (the one below this sentence) for the specific page's content.


Pre-Round Warm-up

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     For the past 10 years, I've been providing golf tips through my newsletter and this website. I've emphasized the importance of the short game, given suggestions on using new golf technology and encouraged you, the reader, to use my tips to improve your game.

    In addition to being an expert on the science and math of golf, I also carry in my bag a pretty good golf game. Over the years, I've had an accomplished competitive amateur golf career hovering between a +1 and a 3-handicap. I've won my Club Championship 6 times, won over a dozen local golf tournaments, played in my Provincial Amateur Championshp numerous times (one year I finished 6th, missing a spot on the Provincial Team by one shot) and played in 3 Canadian Amateur Championships.

    So, I think I can offer some useful advice of how to play a round of golf. What goes through my head? How do I make my shot decisions? How do I compose myself after a bad shot? But, you, the reader, can be the judge. Take what you will from my playing experience. I hope you can apply my knowledge, attitude, outlook, etc, to improve your game.

     Other than when playing in tournaments, for most rounds of golf, I get to the golf course after a busy day of work or family responsibilites. I don't usually have a lot of time for a warm-up. On my ride to the course, I do some deep breathing so I can begin to wind down from what I have just left. I also visualize the first hole and hitting my first tee shot.

     I'll go to the practice putting green, take three balls, and place them down at different medium and long distances, say 15 feet, 25 feet and 40 feet. I'll hit the putts towards the hole with the sole purpose of getting a feel for the speed of the greens and to stroke the putts solidly.. I won't putt any of the 2nd putts that are left. In fact, I never hit any short putts before I play. I have found doing so will only hurt my putting confidence for the round if I start to miss short putts. I'm not going to fine tune or adjust my putting stroke mechanics in anyway; they are ingrained into my muscle memory. The most important thing is to get a confident feel for the pace of the greens.

     Next, I'll take a few balls and hit some half and 3/4 wedge shots. The purpose is just to get a feel of hitting the ball solidly. I don't get too fussy about how close to the flag the shots end. I just want to get a good feel of rhythm and solid contact. Again, the main goal of warm up is to gain pre-round confidence.

     I never go to the range to hit balls before a round, not even when I'm playing competitively. I've have found that hitting balls usually results in some errant shots and a resulting drop in confidence. That's why I tend to just hit some half wedges focused on solid contact. I'm not going to make a swing adjustments as a result of hitting balls. My body already knows how to swing (even though, not perfectly). Some claim they can get a feel of what works on that given day before going out on the course. I've found that what tends to be working on the range, doesn't readily transfer to the course. I keep it simple. Just get a good, solid feel. by hitting some short shots.

     I will do some stretching before I hit my Tee shot, however, and make some full practice swings. Here's a great warmup routine to follow. The aim here is just to get those golfing muscles stretched and relaxed. If I have a little more time before teeing it up, I'll also hit a few more long putts, again, just to read the speed of the greens and gain a feeling of confidence in my stroke.

     Before walking to the 1st Tee, I'll ensure I'm prepared for play with a supply of tees, my favourite ball markers and appropriate clothing. If it's cool, I will have put three balls in my pocket to ensure they are warm. I warm ball will fly farther than a cool ball, even if it's only a few yards. The exercise gives me a sense of preparation and that I'm in control.

    On the next page, I'll take you through how to play the first hole. Click below to continue.

Playing the 1st Hole

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at golfexpert@probablegolfinstruction.com

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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean

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