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Mental Toughness Secret

Ever wonder what the one big 'secret'
to mental toughness in golf is?
The one that really makes the difference...

It’s surprisingly simple.

I learned it from a (very) rich professional gambler.

I’m talking about the kind of guy who lives in Las Vegas and
routinely bets $60,000 a hand in blackjack.

If missing a putt gets you down, imagine the kind of
resilience it takes to rebound from a $60,000 loss…
especially when YOU invited it.

The secret?


Successful gamblers make their money by out-waiting the casino.
If they lose a spin in roulette, they double their bet.

If they lose a second time, they increase their bet.

If they lose a third time, they bet even more.

They know that statistically, it’s impossible to lose every spin.
Eventually, their numbers are going to hit.

So they wait…and beat the odds.

Gamblers who posses this level of patience are the best
of the best.

Most DON’T succeed because they simply can’t stomach
the inevitable defeats they must absorb in order to win
over the long term.

(Before you quit your day job and start hanging out at casinos,
I want you to know that I’m not advocating gambling.

I am merely pointing out that some people have become so
skilled at handling the fear of losing that they regularly
exploit the casino’s weaknesses—and win).

As The Gambler says,

“I am often surprised at how easily people get upset. They
get upset when they don’t win. They get upset when they do
win, but they don’t think it’s enough.

They get upset if they don’t hit the jackpot. When they hit
a secondary jackpot, they get upset that they didn’t hit the
top jackpot.

And when they hit the top jackpot, unless it’s
something in the millions, they get upset as to why they
couldn’t hit it sooner.”

Great golfers are a lot like great gamblers.

When the agony of golf hits, they are patient.

They don’t expect to par every hole; they don’t pity
themselves; and they don’t constantly obsess over fluctuations
in their game.

They understand that golf will contain ecstasy AND agony.

This was a strategy Jack Nicklaus used to become one
of the greatest golfers ever.

Jack went into a major slump from 1967 to 1970 and
did not win a major for three years.

Here’s his explanation for the slump:

“I believed when I turned pro that I should be able to
attain optimum form then hold onto it for long periods,
maybe forever.

Reality gradually hit home once I joined the tour,
forcing me to recognize and accept golf’s eternal

Jack assumed that once he turned pro, he would attain
optimum form—and never be frustrated again.

By expecting himself to be perfect most of the time,
Jack destroyed his confidence.

His saviour was patience…and realizing that golf
would always frustrate him some of the time.

If you’re reading right now, and you’d like to learn
some of my best-kept secrets and techniques for being
mentally tough on the golf course, then I’d recommend
that you download a copy of my online book,
Breakthrough Golf! Lower Your Score Now
Using the Mental Secrets of Professional

It’s taken me YEARS to learn, refine, test, and perfect
all of the techniques that you’ll learn in just two
hours of reading.

Inside I’ll teach you all the things professional athletes
do to perform their best under pressure…and how
to use them to lower your golf score instantly.

Just go to:


I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

Lisa Brown

P.S. Check out what a golfer who just bought
Breakthrough Golf had to say...

"It's a day and night success story. I bought your book,
Breakthrough Golf.

It was interesting and I skimmed through it pretty quickly,
then read the putting tips.

I had to hurry because the following day our Club Championships
were being held...a two day pressure packed affair guaranteed.

I tried just ONE tip from the book on the weekend.
My score was 81 -- my lowest score of the year!

I had the first day lead. I was in a zone -- relaxed -- having FUN!
Sunday I stayed right there and shot 82 -- to win by two strokes.

Hey, a nice trophy and gift certificate.
Big thanks to you--the lovely Lisa Brown for flicking the switch.

Amazing. My handicap fell to 14.”

Much thanks and love,

Tom Leparskas,
Windsor, Ontario

1 (Royer, Victor. Powerful Profits, 2004).
2 (Nicklaus, Jack. My Story, 1997).

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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean

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