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Probable Golf Instruction

Thanks for supporting Probable Golf Instruction. You'll find out more about what my site has to offer below. If you have any questions, please send an email to me. The PGA Tour is in full swing. Most of us will need to wait til spring.

Order Golf Tips

Want more great golf tips? Please come to PGI Golf Tips to see the details. You can download immediately and I'll throw in my Longest Golf Ball report with any other purchase you make from any links from this newsletter (a special only for newsletter subscribers). That includes Stinger Tees.

You owe it to your game to make the best of your abilities; become " Master of Your Own Game". Stand out and improve, without hitting any balls!!

Here's to a long lasting life of great golf!

My latest study is finished. See some of the details of the reports HERE.

A Brief Message        Feb 05/04

  • Ken here from Probable Golf Instruction. In my last email to you, I told you a little about my latest study of golf handicaps and scores as well as the physics behind the effects of the tee on the ball. Review it here.
  • In this issue, I'll outline my upcoming newsletters dealing with the topic of distance and technology.
  • I've discovered a great new instructional CD on the golf swing. It's called Hit Down Dammit! It's the best I have seen in explaining the fundamentals of the swing. It provides audio, graphics, video clips and text, without requiring any loading of software. Everything you need is on the CD. Take a look!
  • Would you like to determine the real hole difficulty ranking of the holes on your course? Where should you really be getting your strokes? My latest study reveals who benefits from the "official hole rankings."
Distance & Technology. What's best for you?

Over the next few months, as we lead up to a new golf season for everyone, the topic of my newsletter will be how new Driver Technology provides greater distance to us all. Topics will include:

  • Clubhead Weight (out next week)
    What is the optimum clubhead weight? Does it matter? Is yours too heavy or light?
  • Club Shaft
    What is the optimum clubshaft weight? Does club shaft strength sacrifice distance? Which is best: steel or graphite?
  • Clubhead Loft
    What loft should you be playing for maximum distance? How does the loft affect backspin? Do you want more or less backspin for more distance?
  • Clubhead Center of Gravity
    The location of the center of gravity affects the trajectory angle of the ball. Depending on your ball flight, you'll want one lower or higher.
  • Large Face Drivers & Moment of Inertia
    Are large face drivers really more forgiving? Are you sacrificing anything by using one? Does air friction become more of a "drag" and thus less distance?
  • Future Improvements in Technology
    What does the near future hold? Is there newer technology lurking that will give you another 10 to 20 yards of distance?

The focus of my site is utilize science and math to lower your score. New technology is one way to achieve this, but to be honest, the technology is one small piece of the puzzle.

To actually improve significantly, we all need to:

1. Improve our swings. Hit Down Dammit!

2. Improve our physical fitness and strength.
The Golf Trainer Power Performance Programô

3. Improve our mental games. Golf Mind Software

Click on the links above to take a look at ways that I personally use myself and recommend you try as well.

One last mention of my latest study on amateur golf scores and handicaps.

There are 3 reports:

Report #1: Team Events

Report #2: Match Play & Stroke Allocation

Report #3: Birdie Ratios & Other Scores

Each report can be downloaded immediately for $7.99 or all three can be purchased for $19.99.

For Newsletter Members Only (that's you), all three reports can be purchased for a special discounted price of $14.99, but only by using the link below.

Take a closer look at some of the details of the reports HERE, and then come back here to order.


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Hope I provided some useful ways for to become better prepared for you best golf season ever.

Ken Tannar


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