Probable Golf Instruction 

Expertly Shaping Swings & Trajectories; Solving Errant Golf Problems 

Golf Course Play

You can apply Probable Golf to the course with success right away, unlike swing changes.

Make Your 19th Hole the Best

You'll be able to boast about your new found knowledge.

Why Choose Probable Golf Services?

We have been providing golf advice online since 1999 and have been research the best in golf science since 1996. From Probable Golf, you can get advice on how to improve your game using math & science, how to best arrange your golf group foursomes to reduce repeat pairings, how to protect your home or business from errant golf balls, how to best interpret golf statistics.

Golf Academy

From kids to older adults, learn how to improve your score and the love of the game.

Simple Putting

Improvement in putting will lower your score more than any other part of the game.

Swing Speed & Distance 

The most important factor in hitting it long is increasing your swing speed.

Hitting Uphill or Downhill

You need to adjust your club selection when hitting uphill or downhill. But how much?

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