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Hit Down Dammit!

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Symptoms that Hitting Down Will Cure

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This is NOT a new way to play golf. 

It is the physics of hitting down... explained. 





Download a Free Ebook sample of the CD. Fill in the fields below.
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This is NOT a new way to play golf. 

It is the physics of hitting down... explained. 


















I have seen many of the best teachers in the world teach golf.  Many of these famous teachers miss that the vital point in golf is to make solid contact with the golf ball. “Hit Down Dammit!” will be like being hit by lightning for many golfers - as for the first time in their lives they will learn what it is like to really strike a golf ball with power and accuracy. Forget the theory and learn the reality with “Hit Down Dammit!”

Andrew Whiley, New Zealand PGA
Head Golf Professional
Chisholm Park Golf Club
Dunedin, New Zealand

Fortunately, I have a wonderful attitude when it comes to golf. I recognized that it was a very difficult game and began to adjust for the fact that I just wasn't very good at it.

I concentrated on my short game and putting. I really worked on developing a consistently accurate 100 yard and 75 yard shot and I used the rest of my game to get me into those ranges. And I practiced putting like crazy. I never watch TV without a putter in my hand.

I played every hole with the idea that par was really bogey and that the par
threes would give me a chance to break 90 if I could card a real par. I actually got pretty good at this and play to a handicap index of 13 and my average score is usually 87 or 88. That is the average. High scores often would be in
mid nineties. Low score (if the putter got hot) maybe 84.

Because I was so conscious of smoothly striking the ball, not much wrist action was used
and my average distance off the tee was about 190 yards, average 5 iron was
about 150 yard carry, etc. The PW and 9 were my 100 yard clubs. The sand wedge or a knock down PW was for 75 and in.

Then, cruising around the internet one night, I see your ad and wonder...hmmmm... maybe this guy can explain to me this strange concept
of hitting DOWN.

So, I ordered the CD and the CD-Rom and for once, actually listened to and watched them when they arrived. What a nice, simple way you have of conceptualizing what the club head is doing, using that airplane analogy. Suddenly, I realized that the error in my
understanding was attempting to swing the GRIP down, not the club head.
... continued

However, for the first time ever, I actually now can comprehend what hitting down is all about and what's more, I know how to accomplish it. For that, I am forever grateful. You have done an outstanding job at explaining the golf swing. Take care.


David Lubin, ER Doctor
50 year old, 13 index
Gainsville, Georgia
There are many books out there to teach you how to play golf.  All of them have lots of useful information, tips, and techniques. Actually, that is the problem with most of them - they have too many tips, and too much information to remember.

For a beginning golfer, simple is better. Once you get your stance and grip right, when you address the ball, having only one thing to think about is definitely an advantage. In this book, you only need to remember one thing…Hit Down!

I have tried the technique, and I can attest, if you follow this recommendation, your shots are straight, reasonably accurate and best of all, consistent. 

Mardy Duncan
"Beginner Golfer"
Vancouver, BC

Clive Scarff has been teaching for 10 years and through this period he has come to the realization that this is the area where most people struggle with the golf swing. The idea of hitting down at a golf ball sitting on the ground is foreign to many people, and this CD makes it very easy to understand. Whether it is a 5-iron over water or a 25 yard pitch shot, this CD will work for you. Clive has taught thousands of golf lessons, and his teaching methods, along with his passion for the game, come through loud and clear in "Hit Down Dammit!"       I know it has worked for me.

Clive, the more I study your program the more I realize that you have created a Master Piece. (I spend about 2 hours per day practicing.) To say I am passionate about improving is an understatement. I am so excited about what I have learned this past week. The information in "Hit Down Dammit" has done more for my golf swing in one week than all the other tapes I have watched by Leadbetter, McLean, Harmon etc. They never really explain the concept of hitting down.
The thrust drill forced me to change the angle I was coming toward the ball. The "casting" motion you recommend seemed odd at first, because I have been trying to scoop the ball. When I watch aerial views of pro golf swings, I now understand what they are doing. Before, I just couldn't relate. I also like what you say about chipping. I have been taking too much of a long back swing and then decelerating. Taking a short back swing and then suddenly swinging back to the ball has improved by chipping in just one week. It's not as if I will be going to Q school any time soon. I'm just excited about improving my consistency and having more fun at this beautiful game.

Please realize that what say in your CDs is a revelation for me... I notice I can get much greater club head speed. I am so stoked! Thanks so much for creating your "Hit Down Dammit!" CDs.

David Arbelaez

California, USA


Chris Hood, Canadian PGA

CPGA Executive Professional  
President, BC PGA  

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